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Ender’s Game’s Steinfeld May Star in Transformers Spinoff

Ender's Game star Hailee Steinfeld is reportedly in talks to star in the first Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee.

The news comes by way of Variety, which reports, much like the film itself, details on Steinfeld's potential character are being kept under wraps. IGN has reached out to Paramount for comment and will update this article with any new information.

Steinfeld as Petra Arkanian in Ender's Game

Steinfeld's other credits include True Grit, Pitch Perfect 2, and The Edge of Seventeen. She can be seen next in Pitch Perfect 3.

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Resident Evil: Jovovich on Why She Almost Quit Over Michelle Rodriguez

Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich has revealed the reason why she almost quit the iconic series before it had even started.

During an interview with Inverse, Jovovich explains that she was a big fan of the games which prompted her to sign on to produce the original film and ended up reading for the movie after discovering that Paul W.S Anderson was holding the reins.

The series lead then candidly confided that she had originally planned to quit the film over re-writes to include Michelle Rodriguez's role.

"I almost quit the movie. I was shooting something else, and Paul had hired Michelle Rodriguez to play Rain. And she had just come off Girlfight and there was Oscar buzz. She was very hot at that moment, and my hotness had sort of been already four years old by that point"

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Uncharted: Tom Holland Thinks Chris Pratt Should Play Sully

Tom Holland wants Chris Pratt to play Sully in the Uncharted movie.

In an interview with Yahoo Movies Holland, who'll portray young Nathan Drake in Sony's film adaptation, revealed he has two actors in mind for the role of Sully - Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Pratt. While Holland thinks Gyllenhaal "could be really cool" as the character, Holland has already "become very good friends with 

 over the last few months."

Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland and Chris Pratt on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland and Chris Pratt on the set of Avengers: Infinity War.

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Why Red Dead Redemption 2’s Delay Is a Good Thing

Last week, Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been delayed, and people are mad about it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.55.12 AM

It was originally supposed to come out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Fall this year, but has been pushed to Spring 2018, with Rockstar stating, "some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans. We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we are firm believers in delivering a game only when it is ready.”

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Prey Update Adds PS4 Pro Support

Bethesda has released a new update for the PS4 version of Prey that features enhancements when playing on PS4 Pro.

The 1.04 update is available now for download and adds support for several cosmetic tweaks, including the ability to enable screen-space reflections. Support other visual enhancements, like higher quality shadows and improved textures are included in the update as well.

The update also features various gameplay improvements. In addition to further fixes for input drift, "Transfer all Junk" will now send tracking bracelets to the Recycler. Check out the patch notes for a full rundown on all the general improvements and PS4 Pro enhancements.

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NECA’s SDCC TMNT Exclusives Once Again Rule

NECA has announced its newest set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, which will be exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

According to The Fwoosh, the new set features 8 posable figures, including the four Ninja Turtles complete with weapons and accessories, as well as Shredder, Krang and henchmen for them to fight.

Source: The Fwoosh Source: The Fwoosh

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Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Features Exclusive Story Content

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour is headed to the United States this June, complete with exclusive voice acted story sequences.

Performances will be held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on June 10, 11 and 14. Meanwhile, those in New York will be able to see the concert at the United Palace Theatre on June 23 and 24. A performance will also be held at the ORIX Theatre in Osaka, Japan on July 8.

In addition to featuring a selection of music and HD cinematics from Square Enix's beloved video game series, the concert will include three exclusive voice sequences from actors Risa Uchida (Kairi / Xion) and Megumi Toyoguchi (Aqua), which were recorded specifically for the event.

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Stranger Things Star in Talks to Star in The New Mutants

Charlie Heaton, who played Jonathan Bryers on Netflix's Stranger Things, is in talks to star in the upcoming X-Men spinoff film The New Mutants.

IGN can confirm that the Stranger Things star is in negotiations to portray Sam Guthrie, aka the mutant Cannonball, in Fox's upcoming 2018 X-Men film directed by Josh Boone. Cannonball is a mutant with the ability to essentially propel himself through the air like a rocket, creating an impenetrable field around himself in the process.

Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Preorder Guide

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The saga of Nathan Drake may have come to a close with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but Naughty Dog isn’t done with the series just yet. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a standalone spin-off that centers around Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, characters that fans of the series will recognize from previous games. The two team up and go treasure hunting in India in search of a legendary artifact. Along the way, you can bet they’ll have to solve ancient puzzles and fight off bands of armed thugs. That’s just how things go in the world of Uncharted.

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Supergirl: Season 3 Villain Confirmed

Regin will be the main villain of Supergirl's upcoming third season.

Odette Annable (Pure Genius, Banshee, Cloverfield) has joined the cast of Season 3 and will play the DC villain.

odette Annable as Dr. Zoe Brockett in Pure Genius

The finale of Supergirl: Season 2 introduced a mystery character, which we suspected was early tease for the main villain of Season 3 and thought might indeed be Reign. For those unfamiliar with the DC villain, Reign was introduced in the New 52 as of the the first enemies of Supergirl. She's a genetically engineered super-soldier, known as a Worldkiller, who was created by a group of Kryptonian scientists.

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