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Suicide Squad Director Says Film Still Has Surprises

With exterior location filming now complete, Suicide Squad director David Ayer says his movie still has plenty of surprises in store despite all that's been posted on social media recently.

Ayer addressed the deluge of images and footage of the Suicide Squad cast in various scenes throughout the last few weeks on Twitter, stating it is “time to go dark” and that we’ve only seen “the tiniest glimpse” of the movie thus far.

San Andreas: The Rock’s Biggest Solo Opening

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can celebrate the biggest solo opening of his career as San Andreas took first place at the North American box office this weekend.

San Andreas knocked last week’s top-grossing movie Tomorrowland into third place, nearly equaling Tomorrowland’s current domestic total at $63 million. The earthquake disaster flick finished well ahead of Pitch Perfect 2 and Tomorrowland, grossing an estimated $53.2 million and marking the biggest solo debut at the box office for the former pro wrestler-turned-actor, according to Deadline.

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Disneyland’s Electrifying New Nighttime Show

If you’re a Disneyland fan, you know the park has a special, very different vibe at night and Disney themselves have embraced this, with a longstanding tradition of nighttime entertainment. None of this entertainment stays the same though, with numerous overhauls and different incarnations through the years – and for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration, some big new shows have debuted.

Perhaps the coolest of the new inclusions for the 60th anniversary –- which also includes a striking take on the traditional fireworks show (more on that soon) and the strong new World of Color show at Disney’s California Adventure -- Disneyland's Paint the Night parade is a big new take on a classic concept, going back to the late, great Main Street Electrical Parade that debuted in the 1970s.

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Game of Thrones Photo Preview: “Hardhome”

We're at the point in the season where Game of Thrones has to jump around and visit more places and characters in order to progress storylines. Bringing characters together helps some, but it looks like we're in for quite the ride through Westeros and beyond for the final three episodes of Season 5. In "Hardhome," we'll be going to Braavos, Winterfell, King's Landing, Meereen, and beyond the Wall -- those are just the locations teased in the synopsis and photos from the episode.

Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister will talk further, and that means it's possible for Daenerys to confront Jorah Mormont again. Arya continues her training in the House of Black and White. Sansa confronts an old friend -- maybe it's Theon? She must be determined if she hasn't given up on him after last week's episode. Cersei struggles with her current situation in the Sept and is likely hating the taste of her own medicine. And finally, Jon Snow travels with Tormund beyond the Wall to bring the Wildlings south. See a photo preview of the episode in the below gallery.

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Here’s When Dr. Mario, Bowser Jr. Amiibo Are Coming to Japan

The sixth wave of Super Smash Bros. amiibo will be releasing in Japan on July 30, Nintendo announced during today's Direct broadcast.

This upcoming batch includes three new figures: Dr. Mario, Captain Olimar, and Bowser Jr.

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Take a Peek at New Monster Hunter X and Airou Village DX

At a special Monster Hunter event held in Tokyo and later shown on a Nintendo Direct for Japan, Monster Hunter X and Poka Poka Airou Village DX, two new Monster Hunter titles, have been announced for the 3DS.

Monster Hunter X, built on the Monster Hunter 4G engine, will focus on flashy actions and customizable hunting styles for each weapon. Classes will now have special attacks that can be activated as an accent to the action. There are four different styles of playing to choose from, each which will determine what special moves can be done.

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Nintendo Announces New Chibi Robo Game and Amiibo

During a Japanese-only Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo announced a new Chibi Robo game coming out later this year. The game will release simultaneously with a new Chibi Robo amiibo.

The name of the game translates to Lasso Action Guru-Guru Chibi Robo, and will feature Chibi Robo using its plug as a weapon and grappling hook. Collecting blue orbs will extend the plug's reach.


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Yoshi’s Woolly World Gets Release Date for Japan

Yoshi's Woolly World will release on July 16 in Japan, Nintendo announced during today's Japan-centric Nintendo Direct broadcast.

In addition, the company confirmed the game will include over 50 different types of Yoshi, with a wide array of different colors and patterns for players to choose from. During the broadcast, Nintendo showcased Rainbow Yoshi, Piranha Yoshi, Winter Yoshi, Moo-Moo Yoshi, and Famicom Yoshi.

Spider-Man: Marvel’s Final 6 Contenders Revealed

Marvel Studios reportedly screen-tested six young actors today for the title role in their Spider-Man reboot.

According to THR, the following actors tested Saturday for the role of teenage Peter Parker: previously reported frontrunner Asa Butterfield (Ender's Game, Hugo); Tom Holland (The Impossible); Judah Lewis (seen in this fall's Demolition); Matthew Lintz (Pixels); Charlie Plummer (Boardwalk Empire); and Charlie Rowe (Red Band Society).

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Unboxing Merle’s Knife Hand And Other Walking Dead Cosplay Weapons

ThinkGeek's Walking Dead Roleplay Weapons are the perfect way to put the finishing touches on a costume of your favorite zombie apocalypse survivor. After all, you can get your tattered jeans and stained t-shirt at any old thrift store, but where else will you find the has the signature armaments of the Michonne and the Dixon brothers rendered in fine plastic?

Merle's Knife Hand, or knife stump, features a detachable prop knife. There's a handle hidden inside for maintaining your grip. Daryl's Crossbow doesn't actually fire its rubber arrow, but does make a satisfying thwack! noise, and Michonne's Katana is a lightweight replica with its own scabbard.

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