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Atlus Potentially Teasing Catherine Sequel

If a few hints from Atlus are any indication, a sequel Catherine might be on the horizon.

During today's "Golden Recruitment Special Program," which Atlus held to recruit talent for its new development team Studio Zero, several nods to the narrative-driven puzzle adventure game appeared.

As reported by Persona Central, the stream was Golden Playhouse-themed and featured music from Catherine. On top of that, appearances by Trisha, the host from Catherine, bookended the livestream.

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Robin Cast in Titans Live-Action DC Series

The newest take on the Teen Titans has found its Robin, as Brenton Thwaites has been cast in the role of Dick Grayson in DC's upcoming Titans series.

Thwaites joins a cast that already includes Anna Diop as Starfire and Teagan Croft as Raven. One of several characters to take up the Robin mantle in DC lore, Grayson's parents were murdered during a circus act, and Bruce Wayne became the orphaned boy's legal guardian. He eventually struck off on his own after working alongside Batman, serving as a leader of the Titans in the comics and the DC animated series.

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This Summer’s Top 10 Domestic Box Office Releases

Summer can't end soon enough for Hollywood. Summer 2017 was a particularly brutal one for the film industry, with the North American box office suffering its lowest-grossing summer in over a decade.

While once solid franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars, Planet of the Apes, and Transformers may have all cracked the domestic box office's Top 10, they all still posted the worst returns in their respective series.

With Labor Day now upon us, let's take a look at the numbers for the Top 10 movies at this summer's domestic box office (figures via Box Office Mojo as of August 30th):

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Racing Sim Gear Club Unlimited Gets Release Date

The racing sim Gear Club Unlimited will release December 1 on Nintendo Switch.

Developer Eden Games is behind the game and previously worked on the Test Drive Unlimited series. Gear Club Unlimited will feature over 400 races in three modes: Derby, Rally and Time Trial.

Some of the cars already revealed for Gear Club Unlimited include the Bugatti Veyron GrandSport, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and Nissan 370Z. They can be customized in the game too.

Yesterday, Nintendo highlighted 17 indie games coming to Switch as part of the latest Nindies Showcase.

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Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Release Date Revealed

Battlefield 1's upcoming expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, will be released for all players on September 19.

According to the official Battlefield 1 blog, players who own either Battlefield 1 Revolution or the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will have access to the DLC two weeks ahead of time on September 5.

The expansion, priced at $15 USD/£12, comes included with the game's $50/£40 Premium Pass.

In the Name of the Tsar introduces six new maps, a new mode, new weapons, and two new classes. For more on the expansion, check out IGN's breakdown of all the new content.

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Apple Event Announced for September 12

Apple has announced it will hold a "special event" on September 12.

The keynote will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater, and will begin at 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET/6:00pm UK (September 13 at 3am AET).

According to prior reports, next month's event is expected to showcase Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone, as well as an updated line of iPhone 7 models. In addition to a higher price tag, the rumored special anniversary iPhone will allegedly boast a larger form factor, an edge-to-edge display, and face-scanning technology.

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See All of Hasbro’s Force Friday Last Jedi Toys

Hasbro has unveiled its line of Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys, which include a first look at the Canto Bight police speeder, and many more toys featuring Last Jedi and classic Star Wars characters.

Canto Bight, a planet being introduced in The Last Jedi, will feature a police force sporting blue-and-black speeders. Check out the first look at these vehicles, the planet's police force, and the rest of Hasbro's toys in the gallery below:

Hasbro's offering of Force Friday II toys includes an assortment of new 3.75-inch regular and deluxe figures, an assortment of Class A and Class B Last Jedi vehicles, a new 12-inch Interactech Kylo Ren figure, a new kylo Ren deluxe lightsaber, and much more.

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Oxenfree Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Oxenfree, the supernatural indie mystery from Night School Studio, is headed to Nintendo Switch.

Night School Studio teased the port on Twitter. According to co-founder Sean Krankel, it will be playable in both controller and touchscreen mode. A release date and trailer will be revealed "in the coming days."

Oxenfree is a paranormal adventure about a group of teenagers who stumble upon a mysterious force while partying on an island. The main character Alex can manipulate certain objects like doors by adjusting the frequency on her handheld radio. Our review of Oxenfree gave it a 8.2/10, calling it a "beautiful coming-of-age story" and praising its branching dialogue.

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LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon Is Largest LEGO Set Ever

After a series of teases that a new Star Wars LEGO set would be the biggest in the company's history, LEGO has officially unveiled the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon.

Coming in at 7,541 pieces, the new LEGO set, revealed as part of Force Friday, is over 1,600 pieces larger than the previous biggest LEGO model ever, the Taj Mahal. Take a look at the new Millennium Falcon in the gallery below:

The set includes seven minifigures — four classic ones including Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and C-3PO — as well as three from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi — Older Han Solo, Rey, and Finn. A BB-8, two buildable Porgs, and a buildable Mynock are also included.

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Lost JLA Movie Featured Wonder Woman-Superman Brawl

Justice League: Mortal, director George Miller's unmade DC film, would have featured a huge showdown between Superman and Wonder Woman, according to Jay Baruchel.

In an interview with the MTV podcast Happy Sad Confused Baruchel, who was set to star as Maxwell Lord in the movie, shared a few new details about what would have taken place in the movie.

Baruchel said the movie, which would have vaguely followed the story of the DC Infinite Crisis event, had Maxwell Lord using his powers of mind control to take over Superman, using him as a weapon against the League. This would ultimately lead to an epic brawl between the Man of Steel and Wonder Woman, with him going so as far as to break the Themiscyran's wrists in the process.

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