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Original NES Press Release Surfaces Online

A press release for the Nintendo Entertainment System has been posted online, revealing some interesting details about Nintendo's first home console.

Video game collector Steve Lin shared the document in a post on Twitter (via Polygon). In his tweet, Lin highlights market research funded by Nintendo back in 1986, which reveals the chief reason behind the console's popularity among kids in the United States. Believe it not, the main reason kids wanted the console was the robotic toy that came bundled with the system.

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Worlds: SK Telecom T1 Wins League of Legends 2015 Championship

SK Telecom T1 has won the League of Legends 2015 World Championship. They are the first-ever two-time winners of the Summoner's Cup.

SKT took the win over KOO Tigers in game four following a surprising Tigers victory in game three. SKT's MaRin played Gnar, Bengi rolled Elise, the legendary Faker dominated with Ryze, Bang's Sivir was superb, and Wolf's Alistar did that smashing thing Alistar does best.

For everything else from Worlds, check out IGN's live coverage from the event in Berlin, Germany.

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The Muppets Picked Up for a Full Season

ABC has ordered a full season for The Muppets.

Instead of granting a typical back-nine episodes for the show, however, the network is giving The Muppets an additional three episodes, making for a 16-episode season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, insiders say the shorter season "is to accommodate the network's midseason fare," including half hour comedies Uncle Buck and The Real O'Neals.

The Muppets, which offers a mature, comedic take on Jim Henson's beloved franchise, is Tuesday's highest-rated new show among adults. Big Bang Theory's Bill Prady and and 3rd Rock From the Sun's Bob Kushell serve as co-creators.

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iPad Pro Reportedly Going on Sale November 11

Apple is planning to release the iPad Pro on November 11, according to a new report.

Following an earlier rumor claiming the new 12.9-inch tablet would be releasing in November, multiple sources have told 9to5Mac the device will be available at both retail and online stores the second Wednesday of the month. The device's accessories, namely the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, are also said to launch at that time.

The base WiFi-only model of Apple's new tablet starts at $799, and comes in 32GB and 128GB options. Meanwhile, those interested in the LTE-supported 128GB model will have to shell out a little over $1000.

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Leaked Pokken Tournament Footage Outs New Mewtwo

A new form of Mewtwo appears to have arrived for Pokken Tournament in a surprise update, according to a leaked gameplay video showcasing the character in action.

The footage, which first surfaced on NicoNico (via NeoGAF) and requires an account to view, unveils "Dark Mewtwo" as a new boss character for the arcade version Bandai Namco's fighter.

Whether or not the fighter will end up joining the roster as a playable character or be featured in the forthcoming Wii U version remains to be seen. We've reached out to Nintendo for clarification.

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New to Aussie Streaming Services For November

As not all Australians use a single streaming service, we've broadened this monthly column to include what's coming up on Stan and Presto alongside Netflix. Enjoy!

All Title Dates are Subject to Change.

AU Release Dates Only.

If you haven't seen David Lynch's incomparable Twin Peaks, now's the time. After all, we're getting a goddamn THIRD SEASON.

The Newsroom: Seasons 1-2

Band of Brothers: Complete series

The Pacific: Complete series

Rake: Season 3

Redfern Now: Season 2

The Moodys: Season 2

Jack Irish: Dead Point

Black Comedy: Season 1

Review with Myles Barlow S1 and 2 and Christmas Special

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League of Legends: World Championship – Everything You Need to Know

Legue of Legends World Championship begins October 31, and IGN is in Berlin, Germany to bring you updates, interviews, and more from the World Finals.

It's down to Korea vs. Korea with SK Telecom T1 and the KOO Tigers, and it's going to be an incredible series. We'll have ongoing news from the competitive event, as well as more from Worlds on IGN's Esports Weekly With Coca-Cola.

Missed the road to the World Finals? Check out IGN's wrap-ups for each week leading into the big finale, and Esports Weekly With Coca-Cola below.

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Jurassic World 2 Tried to Poach World War Z 2 Director

While World War Z 2 will indeed be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, those behind the Jurassic World sequel reportedly tried poaching him for the dino-centric follow-up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bayona's "involvement was on thin ice" due to Jurassic Worlds 2's interest in stealing him away from the WWZ sequel.

While the whole situation was out of the director's hands, thanks to a holding deal for World War Z 2, sources claim the ordeal "helped light a flame under Paramount," forcing the studio keep the director happy and push forward with a new script.

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7 of the Creepiest Video Game Commercials Ever Made

Incorporating suspense and terror into a video game commercial isn't easy. That's probably why most ads in general go the comedy route.

But this collection of commercials showcases that scary is possible in a brief amount of time. And unsurprisingly, the classics are represented, from Resident Evil 2 to Silent Hill 2 to Dead Space.

So in celebration of Halloween, check out seven scary game commercials below (even though the first one wasn't intentionally creepy).

So which video got under your skin? I know it wasn't supposed to be scary, but that NES commercial from down under gives me the creeps. I'm also a fan of the Dead Space commercial for putting a new, dark twist on the song, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

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Apple TV First Impressions

The fourth generation Apple TV is out today, and we've got our first hands on impressions of it. In the box you'll find the Apple TV, the Siri Remote, a power cable, and Lightning cable, which is used to charge the remote.

Set up is simple if you have and iPhone or iPad. Simply pair the Apple TV with your iOS device using Bluetooth and your Apple ID and home network settings will automatically be synced over. If you don't have and iOS device, then you'll have to manually enter your Apple ID, which turned out to be a chore with the Siri Remote's trackpad.

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