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Space Survival Horror Game Syndrome Announced

Syndrome, a new space survival horror game, is coming in 2016.

Developers Camel 101 and Bigmoon Entertainment want to bring first-person survival horror “back to its roots” with Syndrome.

Players awake from cryosleep stranded on a spaceship and must discover the fate of its crew, some of which are dead, and others that appear to have changed into monsters. Syndrome will limit resources and ammo and offer the choice to hide or engage enemies as you explore the claustrophobic ship.

Syndrome will be releasing on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and will support Oculus Rift for a more immersive first-person experience.

In other horror game related news, Among the Sleep, a game where players control an imaginative 2-year-old, has a release date on PS4. And if you’re a fan of the horror genre, IGN recently took a look at the current state of horror video games.

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Looking Back at the Year the N64 Charmed Us All

Welcome back to IGN's History of Awesome - a year-long look back at all the coolest and most influential games, movies, TV shows, comic books, toys, and tech that have shaped pop culture, and shaped the lives of an entire generation. Up this week is 1996 - the year of the Nintendo 64. That means Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and more! The PS1 also had a banner year, with games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, and Crash Bandicoot proving Sony was here to stay.

Catch up on IGN's History of Awesome:

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Super Smash Bros. Gets New Stages, More Mii Costumes

Nintendo has released new downloadable content for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

Today, Nintendo revealed the new Pirate Ship Stage for Super Smash Bros. Wii U, posting images of the stage on its official Twitter account.


In addition to the Pirate Ship Stage and the previously revealed Super Mario Maker stage, which is also available now, players can purchase new Mii Fighter costumes. The new costumes include a business suit, Star Fox, Captain Falcon, Toad, Viridi from Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Monster Hunter costumes.

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Agents of SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet Offers Season 3 Teases

SHIELD has many more foes than friends as Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns with its Season 3 premiere, and it's not going to take long for them to come to the forefront. As the ABC series revs up the new season, I caught up with star Chloe Bennet to discuss some of the big moments from "Laws of Nature" and get some intel on whats ahead.

Spoilers for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's Season 3 premiere below.

If the stinger at the end of the Season 3 premiere wasn't proof enough, Bennet confirmed that Agents of SHIELD isn't going to take too long revealing where Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) is. She also discussed how both the Inhumans and Hydra are going to be SHIELD's biggest threat heading into this season, and Daisy Johnson's current thoughts on Grant Ward (Brett Dalton). Just don't think Bennet and Dalton are at odds in real life, because they're actually neighbors.

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October’s PS Plus Games Revealed

Sony has revealed what games will be coming to PlayStation Plus in October.

First on the list of games becoming available on October 6 is Double Fine's Broken Age for PS4 and Vita, which IGN's review said is "an absolute joy of an adventure." Super Meat Boy on PS4 and Vita meanwhile, is a fast paced game which we said is "one of the best modern platformers."

Unmechanical Extended edition for PS4 and PS3 is a game about the adventure of a little helicopter trapped in a strange world. IGN's review of Kickbeat says that it "packs quite a punch for a rhythm game." It'll be available on PS Plus on Vita and PS3.

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Amazon Picks Up the Jack Ryan TV Series

Amazon has picked up the Jack Ryan TV series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has confirmed that currently Jack Ryan is not a straight to series order but just a development project.

News of a TV show based on Tom Clancy's action hero Jack Ryan emerged earlier this month.

The series is set to be a new take on Jack Ryan, following the character in his prime as a CIA operative and analyst.

Matt Porter is a freelance writer based in London. Make sure to visit what he thinks is the best website in the world, but is actually just his Twitter page.

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New Arrow: Season 4 Preview

The CW has released a new teaser trailer for Season 4 of Arrow.

The video below gives us a glimpse of what's to come in Season 4, which premieres on October 7. Arrow is declaring his intention to fight for Star(ling) City.

The full trailer for the new season came out earlier this month, giving us our first look at Damien, Mr. Terrific, and Diggle in his new costume.

Matt Porter is a freelance writer based in London. Make sure to visit what he thinks is the best website in the world, but is actually just his Twitter page.

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Valiant Announces New Faith Comic

Valiant Entertainment has announced that it will be releasing a four part comic book miniseries entitled Faith, featuring Faith Herbert as the superhero Zephyr.

According to CBR, Faith will be written by Jody Houser with art from Francis Portela, and special illustrations from Marguerite Sauvage.

Image Credit: Comic Book Resources Image Credit: Comic Book Resources

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Microsoft Reveals Xbox One The LEGO Movie Videogame Bundle

Microsoft has announced the LEGO Movie Videogame Xbox One Bundle.

The pack comes with a 500GB Xbox One console, one wireless controller and The LEGO Movie Videogame.


An "exclusive offer" also means that while stocks last, purchases made on the Microsoft Store between now and October 31, 2015, will also receive Assassin's Creed Unity, and those made between now and December 31, 2015, will receive Project Spark.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter Ends at Four Times Original Target

The Kickstarter for Divinity: Original Sin II has ended, with the campaign raising just over $2 million.

This total is four times the original funding target, and also means that the final stretch goal, Game Master Mode, has been unlocked.

Game Master Mode will allow players to craft their own dungeons and control them while their friends play, by placing enemies on the fly and manipulating the environment.

Along with this mode, Strategist Mode puts "the tactical abilities of even the most seasoned veterans to the test." Undead will be implemented as a playable race, and there will be a playable area in the land of the dead called The Hall of Echoes. There will also be Love and Hate relationships for players to encounter.

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