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SNL’s Alternate Ending to Casablanca

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live featured Oscar-nominated host J.K. Simmons (Whiplash, Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy) and cast member Kate McKinnon in an "alternate" ending to the classic 1942 film Casablanca.

Check it out:

And here's the actual ending to the movie:

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February Film Preview: Bondage, Bumble-Bees and More

To herald the arrival of February 1st, the following are five films that IGN is primed for this month, revolving around everything from canines and con-men to bondage and bumble-bees…

Release Date: UK February 6, US February 6, AU?

The Wachowski’s direct this sci-fi epic about a girl – called Jupiter Jones – whose genetic signature marks her as next in line for an extraordinary inheritance that could alter the balance of the cosmos. Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis are the film’s heroes while potential Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne is the villain of the piece, and Sean Bean is rumoured to be playing a character that’s half-man, half-bee.

Release Date: UK & US February 13, AU February 12

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A Supergirl Villain Revealed – But Will Superman Appear?

The Lumberjack will face off against Supergirl in the pilot episode of CBS' upcoming TV series.

According to TVLine, the DC Comics-based series is seeking a towering actor -- someone akin to 6'6" Games of Thrones star Rory McCann -- to fill the role of Lumberjack in the series' first episode. It is also indicated that this version of Lumberjack, who is characterized as a "big, burly monster of a man," would have already faced Superman in the show's established history, begging the question of whether we'll eventually see Superman himself appear on the series down the line.

The Lumberjack The Lumberjack

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Game of Thrones to Make 2 Million in IMAX Debut

Despite being made for smaller screen consumption, the epic scope of HBO's Game of Thrones translated to some grand box office dollars this weekend.

Game of Thrones: No Book 6 in 2015

Having made $686,000 this past Friday on 205 IMAX screens (giving it a per-screen average of $9,800), the two combined Game of Thrones: Season 4 episodes (plus, the trailer for Season 5) stands to earn $2 million this weekend, writes Variety.

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