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Star Trek Discovery Premiere Delayed

Star Trek Discovery has been delayed once again, as CBS has announced that its upcoming sci-fi series won't premiere until late summer or early fall in the United States (and late winter or early spring in Australia).

CBS Corp. chief executive Leslie Moonves shared the news during an investor conference, Variety reports. Moonves said there's been "a lot of post-production" work, but he remains "confident" in the show's quality.

"It's important to get it right," he explained, calling Star Trek "the family jewels."

This isn't the first time Star Trek Discovery has been delayed. Bryan Fuller's departure last year slowed down the project, and series lead Sonequa Martin-Green's commitment to The Walking Dead, which airs up through April and is reportedly in part why the show missed its May debut.

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Ghost in the Shell: Check Out These New Character Posters

In anticipation of the release of Ghost in the Shell next month, several new character posters for the upcoming live-action film have been revealed.

See Scarlett Johansson's The Major, Pilou Asbæk's Batou, Chin Han's Togusa, Yutaka Izumihara's Saito, Lasarus Ratuere's Ishikawa, Tawanda Manyimo's Borma, Takeshi Kitano's Aramaki and Danusia Samal's Ladriya in the gallery below.

Rupert Sanders directed the live-action adaptation, which draws from not only Mamoru Oshii's iconic 1995 animated film, but all of Ghost in the Shell's pre-existing source material. According to executive producer Michael Costigan, the film will serve as "a portal into this universe."

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What Are The Best, Biggest Movies of the Last 20 Years?

Moonlight was crowned the Best Picture winner at last night's Oscars ceremony after a surprise twist when the wrong film was first given the award. But was it also the critical and commercial consensus for 2016?

To find out, IGN took a look at the best reviewed film, highest-grossing movie, and best picture winner — not just for last year, but for the last 20 years. Best reviewed films were determined by Rotten Tomatoes' adjusted score metric, which ranks the highest rated film based on a weighted formula that factors in the number of reviews, not just how positive or negative they are.

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Bill Paxton’s 19 Most Memorable Roles

While fans continue to tweet "Game Over, Man" with a heavy heart, the world mourns the loss of actor and director Bill Paxton - a man who gave us memorable, quotable performances in James Cameron films like Aliens and True Lies along with starring in many other iconic TV and movie projects over the past four decades.

Paxton passed away at age 61 this weekend, leaving behind an impressive catalog of roles that ranged from space marine to storm chaser to demon hunter.

While the following slideshow doesn't contain ALL of Paxton's projects, we've filled it with nineteen of his most memorable ones. Click through to check out just what an enjoyable powerhouse this man was.

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Twitch to Begin Selling Games

Twitch has announced that, starting this spring, users will be able to purchase select PC games directly through its website.

According to the live streaming service's announcement video, whenever a game is purchased directly through a Twitch streamer's broadcast, a portion of the money earned from the sale will be given to that streamer.

Several publishers, including Ubisoft, Telltale Games and Hi-Rez Studios are on board with Twitch's new program. Games purchased though Twitch can be launched via the service's desktop app or through other pre-established publisher platforms like Ubisoft's Uplay.

Last month, the popular live streaming platform—which was purchased by Amazon in 2014—announced it will hold its third annual TwitchCon from October 20-22 in Long Beach, CA.

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Some Switch Games Are Touchscreen-Only

Not all Nintendo Switch games will take advantage of the console's ability to play on the big screen. Some will only work when the Switch is in its handheld mode.

"As we see more games come up, we will see games that leverage the touchscreen more," Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi told us in an interview.

This jibes with Kotaku's report that Japanese Switch launch game Voez is mobile-only and isn't designed to be played when the console is docked.

A FAQ accompanying the game, already out on mobile devices, spells out the flat-out confirms mobile-only nature, saying "This software can not play in TV mode."

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New to Amazon Prime for March

Amazon Prime's listings for March include the return of original series Hand of God, starring Ron Perlman, and the premiere of original movie The Dressmaker, starring Kate Winslet.

Plus, there's Hannibal (The movie, not the TV series. Although the amazing TV show's on Amazon too WATCH IT NOW!), Nine Lives, Chicago, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, an Iggy and the Stooges documentary, and Season 4 of Orphan Black.

Here's the full Amazon Prime list for March...


  • What We Do in the Shadows

This quirky horror mockumentary follows the humdrum lives of three vampire roommates as they try to navigate the modern world - written, directed by, and starring Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi.

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Hearthstone’s Journey to Un’Goro Announced

Blizzard Entertainment today confirmed the rumours that the next Hearthstone expansion will be themed around Un’Goro, “a prehistoric region of Azeroth preserved in time” that will be familiar to World of Warcraft players. Called Journey to Un’Goro, the new set will add 135 new cards to the game and be available sometime in April.

Only a handful of cards have been revealed so far, but we’ve already seen two big new mechanics. Quest cards reward players for building their decks a particular way, with a set of requirements that need to be filled in order to be rewarded with “a card of monstrous power!”

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7 Crazy Moments from Oscar History

You've surely heard by now about the flub at last night's Oscars ceremony. At the climax of the awards show, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong winner for Best Picture. The La La Land cast and crew took the stage and embarked on a series of acceptances speeches before it was revealed that there had been some kind of mistake and in fact Moonlight was the actual winner. As Beatty, La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz and host Jimmy Kimmel attempted to sort the situation out, the La La Land team shuffled off the stage and the rightful -- and stunned -- Best Picture winners came up to accept their award.

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Out This Week: Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn

With so many new games and movies coming out, it can be hard to keep up. Lucky for you, IGN is here to help with a weekly round-up of the biggest releases each and every week. Check out the latest releases for this week, and be sure to come back next Monday for a new update.

Note: The prices and deals compiled below are accurate at the time we published this story, but all are subject to change.


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