WWE TLC: Live Blog and Results

So this PPV sure as hell changed a lot over the last 48 hours!

A backstage outbreak of either viral meningitis or (now reportedly) mumps, that we'll just call "Mumpingitis," has felled both Bray Wyatt and freakin' Roman Reigns, causing them to miss the TLC PPV completely. Now AJ Styles is subbing for Bray, in a match against Finn Balor that's got just about every fan super-excited, and Kurt Angle is making his return to a WWE ring for the first time since 2006 to team with Seth and Dean in the 5 on 3 handicap main event. It's all nuts!

How will they account for Kurt wrestling against his own RAW guys when he's GM? How will they protect the dude in a match that's filled with giant, dangerous table spots? Will he get knocked out backstage, spend most of the match off-camera, and then come down for the clean up win at the end? Will he get taken out and replaced by Jason Jordon? They wouldn't promise us the moon and then deliver Uranus like that, would they?

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PUBG Creator Talks About Xbox and the Future

We caught up with Brendan Greene, better known as PlayerUnknown, during TwitchCon and spoke with him about the future of his runaway hit.

Greene sees the future of PUBG as a service, where you buy the game and it evolves with time, rather than working toward a sequel.

"We still want to polish and refine, add more maps, add more assets," he said.

Greene told us even when the game was still a mod, he imagined it would make a great eSport someday, saying the TwitchCon PUBG Omen Challenge was the sort of spectacle he hoped to one day see.

For the upcoming Xbox One version of the PC megahit, Greene told us he believes the community will drive the "competitive edge" of the game.

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Box Office: Boo 2! Tops, Geostorm and Snowman Flop

Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween opened in first place this weekend at the North American box office, debuting to an estimated $21.7 million.

While the film didn't quite reach the $28.5 million debut garnered by its predecessor in 2016, Lionsgate's sequel, directed by and starring Tyler Perry, was well received by moviegoers, earning an A- CinemaScore.

This weekend also brought with it the debut of Geostorm, which placed second with $13.3 million and received a B- CinemaScore. Director Dean Devlin's disaster film, starring Gerard Butler, is shaping up to be an expensive flop, given its sizable $120 production budget. While Geostorm has done better in foreign markets, making $49.6 internationally, the film is still a far cry from being considered a success.

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The Original Rambo Is As Important Today As Ever

Many old movies, when you go back and watch them, feel horribly dated. Some of the best movies might hold up cinematically, but even those can feel ancient when you start to dig into the themes and ideas. As First Blood - yeah, the original Rambo movie - hits its 35th anniversary on October 22, digging back into it proves that while, yeah, it's definitely a movie from 1982, it's also an amazingly prescient one. It's intelligent, vulnerable, and looks at ideas that we're still talking about right now.

We remember Rambo as another one of the silly over-the-top action heroes of the 80s, right along with Arnold Schwarzenegger characters like Dutch (Predator) and John Matrix (Commando), and we remember Sylvester Stallone as a caricature of himself, a slurred voice and dazed eyes. But Rambo didn't start that way, and Stallone delivered on the promise the role offered.

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Destiny 2 Updates Coming With Seasons

Bungie explained how seasons will affect the way the game is updated going forward, and what that means for players.

During a TwitchCon panel, Bungie promised players can expect at least one big event per season, with four season planned per year.

While there is no big event for the first season of Destiny 2, Bungie did tease some future events, like the return of The Dawning.

Players will see a winter theme, matching the upcoming weather season in the northern hemisphere. The Tower will be decked out in a winter theme and players will be able to do things like throw snowballs and play hockey. The snowballs will extend beyond just the tower, so you'll be able to pelt enemies with snowballs, as well.

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Ranking Every Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

On Sunday, October 22, The Simpsons will air the 28th installment of the "Treehouse of Horror" series. Since Season 2, FOX has run one of these Halloween-related stories each fall. Early on, these stories were more directly horror-centric, but since then "Treehouse of Horror" has become something of a clearinghouse for stuff the writers can't do during a "regular" episode. And we love it.

In honor of this Halloween tradition, we've ranked of every single "Treehouse of Horror" episode. Some of them are great. Others… well, it's hard to bat a thousand over almost three decades. Read on for our full list...

"The Diving Bell and the Butterball" is the single-worst "Treehouse of Horror" segment ever, and it's not particularly close. It's essentially one long, profoundly unfunny fart joke. The final segment is an Avatar parody that, like Avatar, has not aged well.

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Podcast: 2017 Has Been a Huge Year for Horror Movies

Welcome back to the IGN Movies Podcast!

This week, Jim Vejvoda and Tom Jorgensen share their SPOILER-FREE reactions to Thor: Ragnarok, their thoughts on the new trailers for The New Mutants, Black Panther, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and also chime in on the latest buzz about Solo: A Star Wars Story and Detective Pikachu: The Movie.

The bulk of the episode, though, is spent discussing how horror movies have been such a box office force this year, from Stephen King's IT to Annabelle: Creation to Happy Death Day. Tom and Jim also reveal their personal favorite horror movies.

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NVC: Switch’s September Success and System Update

Welcooooooome back to Nintendo Voice Chat! It's the calm before the storm: we're just a week away from Super Mario Odyssey, can you believe it?

In Episode 378, a wild Andrew Goldfarb appears to chat about his adventure trying to capture an elusive Pokemon in Texas, Nintendo's hardware sales in September 2017, and of course update 4.0.0. Andrew joins Zach "Mr. Moiré" Ryan, Brian Altano, and Peer Schneider to break down many of the new games hitting Switch and 3DS this week and Sony's interesting new foray into indie games publishing, which includes bringing Tiny Metal to Nintendo Switch.

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