Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Star Shares Jannah Character Details

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker cast member Naomi Ackie recently shared some additional details about her character, Jannah, and how she fits into the storyline of Episode IX.

Speaking to Total Film (via GamesRadar), Ackie revealed that her character makes a timely appearance in the film, as Jannah, who wields a bow and arrow, teams up with the heroes of the Resistance to play a key role in the final act of the Skywalker saga.

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Here’s When You Can Read Our Death Stranding Review

We can now officially confirm that we are playing Death Stranding and you will be able to read/watch the resulting review at 12AM Pacific time on Friday, November 1. If you're keeping track, that's a whole week before the release date of November 8. And that's... literally everything Sony will allow us to say about it right now. Check back in a couple of weeks and we'll give you an in-depth opinion of Kojima's first non-Metal Gear game in forever, all while keeping it as spoiler-free as can reasonably be expected in a review where the whole idea is to tell you what we liked and what we didn't.

So, to kill the time between now and then, why not flip through this massive list of info we've gleaned from all of the pre-release trailers and interviews?

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The Matrix 4: Jada Pinkett Smith in Talks to Return

Several sources have revealed that Jada Pinkett Smith is in current negotiations to reprise her role as Niobe in The Matrix 4.

As reported by Deadline, Smith starred as Niobe in The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions and was the captain of the Logos hovercraft. Niobe also appeared in Enter the Matrix and The Matrix Online.

Smith has recently appeared in Angel Has Fallen, Girls Trip, Gotham, Bad Moms, and the Madagascar films.

While Smith is not yet a guarantee for The Matrix 4, both How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris and Aquaman's Yahya Abdul-Mateen II have been officially cast in the upcoming film.

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Legends of Runeterra: 40 Things You Need to Know About Riot’s New Game

Legends of Runeterra is a brand new digital card game from Riot Games. It was just announced as part of Riot’s ten year anniversary stream (along with a number of other hugely exciting projects), and will give players a whole new look at the world of League of Legends, bringing many of its iconic champions to life in a whole new way. It’s hugely exciting, in other words, and there’s an awful lot to dig into. (You can even pre-register now!)

My Legends of Runeterra overview and hands-on impressions are here, but that only covers some of what I learnt about the game. Here are 40 things you need to know about Legends of Runeterra:

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League of Legends: Wild Rift Brings the MOBA to Mobile and Consoles

League of Legends is finally coming to mobile as League of Legends: Wild Rift. Riot Games is adamant, however, that League of Legends: Wild Rift is not simply a port of the PC MOBA. Check out the trailer for Wild Rift in the video above.

Like the PC version, LoL: Wild Rift is a 5v5 MOBA, but it’s been adapted for mobile and console play. Unlike the click-to-move controls, Wild Rift features a new twin-stick mechanic. Similarly, Wild Rift is being designed specifically for 15 to 18-minute games.

Riot didn’t reveal the full extent of the overhauls, but there appear to be significant enough changes between the PC and mobile/console version of League of Legends for Riot games to warrant the new subhead.

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Everything Announced at Riot’s League of Legends 10th Anniversary Celebration

Riot Games celebrated 10 years of League of Legends today with a big blowout livestream. The big anniversary show featured several new announcements from Riot Games, including a new champion in League of Legends and multiple new video game announcements.

Some of the announcements Riot Games made today were expected, like Riot’s long-rumored fighting game. Other projects were newly announced today. Here’s everything Riot Games announced during today’s 10th-anniversary livestream.

New League of Legends Champion, Senna

League of Legends will have a new champion for the Rift next month. Fans rightfully guessed online that the new champion would be Senna, and they are correct. Senna was originally trapped in Thresh’s lantern as revealed in Lucian’s story, but she’s ready to join the fray.

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Legends of Runeterra: Why Riot’s New Digital Card Game is a True Contender

Riot Games clearly doesn’t do things in half measures. Legends of Runeterra (LoR), the studio’s long-awaited “Game 2” (no, Teamfight Tactics doesn’t count) has been in development for three plus years, currently has a team-size north of a hundred and despite featuring iconic characters from League of Legends, uses NO legacy art. It’s a substantial investment - for a CCG, no less - but the result is a game that looks and feels like a million bucks, and will shake up in the space in some significant ways.

For League of Legends fans, it’s the inclusion of champions that will immediately appeal. 24 of the most iconic champions from the MOBA are featured in the initial batch of cards, with more promised for each future set. The starter lineup covers off a heap of fan favourites; both broadly popular and somewhat divisive characters, and the range is reflective of the variety in League itself. On one hand you have Teemo, Heimerdinger and Braum, on another, Garen, Darius and Tryndamere. On still another, Ezreal, Fiora and Lux. Oh, and better include Yasuo, Shen and Zed too. And Elise, Thresh and Kalista for a darker vibe. And it wouldn’t be League of Legends without Jinx. The list goes on.

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Riot Announces League of Legends Fighting Game

Riot Games celebrated League of Legends' 10th anniversary in a major way with its anniversary livestream, highlighting the future of the ever-expanding LoL universe. And that includes a brief glimpse of its new fighting game, the existence of which was first confirmed on the first day of EVO 2019 back in August.

Riot has now confirmed that this fighting game is set in the League of Legends universe and remains in the early stages of development. Codenamed Project L, there are currently no additional details, like a release date or window, character roster, or gameplay info, at this time.

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Arrow Just Kicked Off the Countdown to Crisis on Infinite Earths

This article contains full spoilers for Arrow's Season 8 premiere. Be sure to also check out our review for Arrow Season 8, episode 1.

Arrow just kicked off its eighth and final season with what is easily the series' most dramatic status quo shift ever. Oliver Queen is a man with a new mission, helping the Monitor prepare for the coming Crisis and literally watching Earth-2 disappear from existence in front of his eyes. And even as Ollie fights to save his world, he's faced with the knowledge he's doomed to die,

We had the chance to chat with star Stephen Amell after watching the Season 8 premiere. Amell discussed the big changes coming Oliver's way, the joys and challenges of reliving Arrow's Season 1 era, and where exactly Ollie's new mission will take him next.

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League of Legends Esports Manager Announced, For Real

Riot Games is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a series of new game announcements, but one of the more left-field announcements from today is the League of Legends Esports Manager. Similar to other sports management sims, the Esports Manager will put players in charge of building and managing a League of Legends pro team.

Just as in games like Football Manager, LoL Esports manager is a team management game currently in development. Players will take the role of an esports team manager and sign players to contracts, build a team, and eventually take a squad to the LoL World Championships.

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