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First Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Shows Thanos in Action

Marvel Studios has dropped the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War and we finally got to see Thanos going up against our favourite superhero team.

The Mad Titan himself has arrived on Earth and, as he says in the trailer, seems to be having a lot of fun putting his masterplan of “balancing the universe” into action.

We also see he’s already got two of the six Infinity Stones in his possession, and Vision is being attacked for his Mind Stone.

We'll be breaking down all the awesome easter eggs and secrets for you later today, so keep an eye out for that but let us know all the cool stuff you've spotted in the comments below.

Also, be sure to check out our gallery of 52 screenshots from the trailer right here:

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Classic Maps Coming to Doom VFR

Doom VFR will include playable virtual reality versions of two classic Doom maps, IGN can confirm.

Toxic Refinery and Nuclear Plant will both be available to play in all their low-res glory, with everything in the environment - walls, objects and so on - looking exactly as they did over two decades ago, while the enemies you fight are ripped from last year's game.

The classic maps are played in the same way as the full game, with either a pair of Move controllers or a standard DualShock. Free movement is also an option, so it plays like a standard first-person shooter rather than teleporting from one position to the next.

The maps are unlocked by playing through the main campaign, although it's currently unclear if they're accessed in the same way as 2016's console version.

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Disney Acquisition Talks With Fox Reportedly Back On

The potential acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s movie and television production operations by Disney is reportedly still on the cards, claims Deadline co-editor-in-chief Mike Fleming Jr. in his column, published today.

“I just want to start with a juicy rumor that is fast gaining steam in town today, that Disney is progressing speedily toward that rumored acquisition of Fox,” wrote Fleming. “The version I heard has the Murdoch clan keeping possession of sports and news properties, and the rest of TV and the film studio going to Disney.”

“Radio silence right now from both studios, and given how Disney made the Marvel and LucasFilm deals under the cone of silence, if this happens we’ll probably only know it when it’s announced. It is certainly being talked about today.”

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Captain Marvel Confirmed for Avengers 4

Scarlett Johansson has confirmed that we'll be seeing Brie Larson's Captain Marvel in Avengers 4.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Johansson said that Larson is getting her "feet wet" shooting the Infinity War sequel before shooting her solo movie.

"She’s so great", Johansson said, "but a really cute thing happened the other day where Hulk is standing next to her and

Joe Russo told her to put her hand in front of Mark

’s face to stop him, and she’s like, “In front of his face?” And they explained, “that’s where his chest is,” and she looks up and yells, “I’m new! I’m new!”"

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The Themes and Reasons for Taking Agents of SHIELD to Space for Season 5

The Season 5 premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will air this Friday on ABC, so IGN attended a press event to talk to the producers and cast about what to expect from the upcoming season that takes Agent Coulson and his team into space.

This article will not divulge any big spoilers from the two-hour premiere and will just feature talk about the season in a general sense based on what has already been publicly revealed. However, keep an eye out for our full-spoiler chat with the producers and cast after the episode airs on Friday.

Producer Jed Whedon explained how after the team was splintered in Season 4, their first goal was to get everyone back together. As we saw in the Season 4 finale, the entire team is together in a diner, and from there they’re rounded up and sent on their space journey… except for Fitz, who gets left behind for mysterious reasons.

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Confirmed: Kellogg’s Is Making a Super Mario Cereal

UPDATE: Kellogg's UK and Ireland confirmed the cereal is real and will be available for purchase in the United States. On its official, blue-checked UK and Ireland Twitter account, the company replied to a cereal enthusiast looking for a box of their own in the UK and Ireland. The US branch of Kellogg's still hasn't announced the existence of what is sure to be the holiday season's hottest selling box of oats.

The original story is below.

Whispers of a new Super Mario breakfast treat have grown to the level of a dull roar. Evidence is growing and it all points to an oat and marshmallow-based cereal in the works from Kellogg's.

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Infinity War Casting Leak Leads to Young Avengers Rumors

A new casting call for Marvel's The Avengers: Infinity War has fans speculating that the Young Avengers could be in Marvel's future.

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War casting ahead (in case that wasn't clear). 

A notice on calls for the casting of twin boys, aged two, for two days of filming on the Infinity War set in December. The casting call has led fans to speculate that the twin boys could potentially be the sons of Vision and Scarlet Witch, who have a romantic relationship in the comic books but are yet to have one solidified in the films.

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Marvel’s EiC Wrote Comics Under a Japanese Pen Name

Marvel Comics promoted CB Cebulski to Editor-in-Chief, but not without controversy. With news of his promotion, it has come out that from 2004-2005 he wrote comics for Marvel under the pen name Akira Yoshida. Given that Cebulski is white and was writing manga-style stories under a Japanese name, this has drawn ire from the comics community.

A statement from Cebulski responding to the controversy was given to IGN from Marvel.

“I stopped writing under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida after about a year. It wasn’t transparent, but it taught me a lot about writing, communication and pressure. I was young and naïve and had a lot to learn back then. But this is all old news that has been dealt with, and now as Marvel’s new Editor-in-Chief, I’m turning a new page and am excited to start sharing all my Marvel experiences with up and coming talent around the globe,” Cebulski said.

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