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Daily Deals: The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, Samsung Gear VR

The Witcher 3: Complete Edition Is the Best Deal in Gaming Right Now

The Witcher 3: CE is a magnificent game of mammoth proportions. This is IGN's GOTY for 2015, packed to the gills with all of its DLC, including the fantastic Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, and it's yours to be had for just $40, if you have Amazon Prime (without Prime it's still only $50). That's a total steal for a game that can give you at least 100 hours of monster slaying, open-world exploration, Gwent-playing, and moments of surprisingly gripping story-telling. Prime users: add it your cart, you'll see the discount at checkout!

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Naomi Plays Battlefield 1 Open Beta

Naomi here, I'm actually not going to play because I'm terrible at it. However, our in-house viking king Kyle O'Connor will be joining me to scope it out. So hopefully when I actually play, I'll have learned a thing or two.

Just so you know, we're going to be livestreaming every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1PM - 3PM PT. We'll focus on new releases and DLC drops, but let us know in the comments what games you'd like to see!

We'll be answering questions live during the stream, so tweet @ign with #ignplayslive

You can see streams via:

Uncharted 4’s New Multiplayer Map Is Free

Uncharted 4's new multiplayer map, New Devon, will be available today for free, as part of title update version 1.12.

Naughty Dog announced this on a livestream earlier this morning, before showing off the new map in action.

When asked by one stream-viewer when the update would be available, Naughty Dog's Scott Lowe said it should be available "by the end of the stream," which means that, depending on when you are reading this, it may already be live. No word yet on any single-player DLC of any kind, but if any hints get dropped before the end of the stream, we'll be sure to report on it.

Vincent Ingenito is IGN's foremost fighting game nerd. Follow him on Twitter and tell him how terrible his Rashid is.

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You’re the Worst Is Deconstructing TV’s Idea of ‘Family’

As the synopsis for You're the Worst: Season 3 proclaims, the "f-word" is "family."

It's an inevitable subject that all TV comedies must deal with. Showrunner Stephen Falk is aware that most TV shows are built on the common theme of a group of disparate people forming "an unlikely family," and his FXX comedy is no different. But for all that it's a familiar refrain to return to, Falk is striving to offer a different take on the concept in the critically acclaimed show's third season.

"The whole season is a riff on family and what family means and, sort of in a meta way, how family is overused as a theme for a lot of TV shows," Falk told IGN during a visit to the show's set. "

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Wrestling Wrap Up: Kevin Owens is the Perfect Universal Champion

This wasn't supposed to be RAW's time to shine, right? I mean, SmackDown Live has the next PPV all to itself and that brand's about to crown itself new champions. But with Finn Balor's unfortunate injury comes the chance to reset and remodel the current storyline...

...and put the Universal title on another ex-NXT champ. Yes, the brilliantly mouthy and marvelous Kevin Owens is now CHAMPION OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!


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The Witcher 3 and DLC Expansion Reviews

With the Game of the Year Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt now out, it seems like a good idea to remind folks who didn't already know what we know: The Witcher 3 is freaking amazing. Not only is the base game a beautifully layered, open-world Action-RPG, but its two sizeable expansions are also cut of similarly high-quality cloth.

In case you missed them, here are our reviews for all three, and our Game of the Year video for The Witcher 3, just in case you were on the fence about diving head-long into Geralt's supple, manly bosom.

We gave The Witcher 3 our highest honor last year, and we certainly weren't the only ones.

Feel free to read our full review of The Witcher 3, but this is the gist of what we thought:

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for September Revealed

Sony has revealed September's lineup of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers,

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 subscribers will be able to download Journey, which originally debuted on the PS3 in 2012 and came to the PS4 in 2015. The Thatgamecompany won IGN's Game of the Year 2012 honor for its initial release, noting that its "concept is an inevitably emotional one, one that sparks happiness, glee, sorrow, sadness and just about everything in between in a brief two hour experience."

PS4 players will also be able to download Lords of the Fallen, which received a 7.4 from IGN upon its initial release, and Badland.

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17 Other Characters Who Became Iron Man

This year Marvel is shaking up the Iron Man franchise in a big way by replacing Tony Stark with a new, African-American, teenage female protagonist named Riri Williams. It's shaping up to be one of the biggest changes in a post-Civil War II Marvel Universe.

But as major a development as this is, Riri is hardly the first hero to take over the mantle of Iron Man. Join us as we take a look back at some of the other characters who once called themselves Iron Man... or at least took the armor out for a spin.


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SEGA ‘Burned Too Many Bridges’ With Saturn, Says Ex-Exec

Electronic Arts Chief Competition Officer Peter Moore spoke to his experience as a former executive at SEGA, saying he believes the company "burned too many bridges" with the Saturn, which forced them to exit the hardware business after the Dreamcast failed to take off.

"When I first arrived at SEGA that was our first challenge: 'how do we somewhat apologize for the Saturn and then really position a fresh start with the Dreamcast,'" Moore shared on this month's episode of IGN Unfiltered.

According to Moore, SEGA wanted to leave off the company branding and simply call its next console the Dreamcast, but he insisted it be called the SEGA Dreamcast. "The minimal research I had time to do

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