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Xbox May Be Getting Platform-Wide Mod Support

Rumours suggest Microsoft may be bringing more mod support to the Xbox One.

According to Windows Central, internal documents have leaked from a presentation which talks about a new Xbox Community Content platform.

The platform is said to allow developers to support user-generated content for their games, including defining what can be modded, how this new content can be used in game, and whether or not it will cost money.

Windows Central points out the idea of more mod support coming to the Xbox One is also backed up by a job listing posted by Microsoft earlier this year which called for applicants to "drive support for Xbox Live game mods."

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Shenmue 3 Will Require a Whopping 100GB on PC

The highly anticipated sequel Shenmue 3 will require 100 GB of free space to install on your PC.

An update on Shenmue 3's Kickstarter page lists the system requirements for the PC version of the game as needing 100 GB of available space.

When you consider large open world games like The Witcher 3 clock in at around 45 GB this is a pretty sizeable install.

Other system requirements reveal the game is expected to need at least an Intel Core i5-4460 (3.40 GHz), 4 GB of ram, a GTX 650 Ti, and a broadband internet connection.

Shenmue 3 will have an open ending to allow for a sequel but the game has already been delayed twice now, being pushed back to a 2019 release. This might give us enough time to play the earlier games in the series again - ports for those have been in the works since before the Shenmue 3 announcement and should release sometime this year.

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New Smash Bros Ultimate Details, Capcom on Bringing More Cloud Games to Switch, Wolfenstein 2, and more! – NVC Ep. 413

Weeelcooome to episode 412 of our weekly Nintendo show and podcast, Nintendo Voice Chat. This week, the NVC crew shares their thoughts on Sakurai's new Famitsu interview where he discusses new details about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Capcom on bringing more cloud-based games to Switch, the Mario + Rabbids DLC, Fortnite on Switch, and more!

As always, you can watch NVC here on IGN and on our YouTube channel (subscribe and hit that bell! It gives fairies wings!) or listen to it on your commute in audio format. If you enjoy the show, share it with other Nintendo fans, leave us a comment, and give us a thumbs up or leave us a review! If you prefer audio over video, please subscribe to NVC on iTunes or your podcast service of choice. You can also download and listen to the latest episode of NVC Right Here.

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Pokemon Go Dev’s New AR Tech Strives for More Realism

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has just released three trailers showing off its new Augmented Reality technology.

The AR experiences are currently codenamed Niantic Occlusion, Tonehenge, and Neon, and all show what looks like real-time gameplay with a more realistic nature than what we've seen in Pokemon Go so far.

Tonehenge has players using their phones to view an AR environment in which they can cooperatively move and turn statues to unlock energy orbs. Once this has been completed it gives them access to a jigsaw puzzle and completing the puzzle as a team looks to be the ultimate goal. You can view the full trailer below for a better look.

Neon, on the other hand, is more fast-paced and combat focussed.

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Left 4 Dead Creators Working on Unannounced Title in ‘A Globally Known Franchise’

Left 4 Dead fans' long wait for a third game doesn't look any closer to being over today, but Turtle Rock Studios, the developer that created that series and went on to make Evolve, is apparently working "on a globally known game franchise."

As first noticed today by a ResetEra user, Turtle Rock is hiring for a Senior Level Designer to work "on an unannounced AAA title." Turtle Rock has yet to officially reveal the AAA title in question, but the job posting is looking for someone who can create "fun encounters" and "awesome level layouts."

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Why DC’s New Streaming Service Has Us Worried

Today DC Entertainment finally shed more light on its long-awaited DC Universe streaming service. While we still don't have a price or exact release date for the service, we do have a better idea of what new and classic DC content will be included. Unfortunately, these new revelations have left us with some concerns about DC Universe.

Does this new service truly have the breadth and depth of content to stand out in an increasingly crowded streaming landscape? Let's examine...

The TV Series

The biggest selling point with DC Universe is obviously the lineup of exclusive series. So far DC has revealed five shows exclusive to the service - Titans, its spinoff Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, Young Justice: Outsiders and the adult-oriented Harley Quinn animated series. Each of those projects offers a compelling argument for subscribing to DC Universe for a month or two, but what about over the long term?

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Google Reportedly Working on Gaming Streaming Service

Google reportedly may be working on some form of video game hardware.

According to several sources close to Kotaku, the web giant is also developing some sort of streaming platform and is interested in gathering game development talent under it's banner.

Representatives from Google reportedly approached several major developers to gauge interest in the streaming platform, reportedly codenamed Yeti, at this year's GDC, as well as reportedly during E3 2018. According to Kotaku's report, the streaming service would "offload the work of rendering graphics to beefy computers elsewhere" to allow a wide range of PCs to play more intensive games.

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Edgar Wright Teases Possible Baby Driver Sequel

Baby Driver director Edgar Wright has teased a possible sequel might be coming.

Wright celebrated Baby Driver's one year anniversary on Twitter, as the film hit theaters back on June 28, 2017, in the U.S. and UK. Wright touched on what it has been like for this past year following Baby Driver's critical and commercial success and hinted Baby could get back on the road quite soon.

Baby Driver one year celebration poster, via Edgar Wright's Twitter account.

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The Expanse Season 3 Finale Ending Explained: What’s Ahead in Season 4?

The first half of this article will be spoiler-free, but the second half will focus on what The Expanse's Season 3 finale means for Season 4 and its future on Amazon.

How We Got Here


If you missed the first three seasons of Syfy's The Expanse, then you picked the perfect time to start getting acquainted with the best science fiction series since the reimagined Battlestar Galactica premiered in 2004.

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Death Stranding: 12 Things To Watch and Read While You’re Waiting

In Hideo Kojima’s Twitter bio, he claims 70% of his body is made of movies. Presumably, the other 30% is comprised of other types of popular culture (and maybe some nanomachines.)

Compared to the Metal Gear series, which proudly wore its Hollywood action movie influences on its sleeve, his upcoming game Death Stranding seems wholly alien and unfamiliar.

After obsessively scrubbing through Death Stranding's cryptic trailers, though, certain themes start to become apparent. The same could be said about staring at a Rorschach test too long, but in some cases, Kojima’s own social media acts as a paper trail to support our theories.

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