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Epic Games Confirms In-Game Weekend Event

Updated: Epic Games has confirmed the countdown is pointing to a one-time only event.

An update in Fortnite reads "Get in-match on Saturday by 10:30 am PT/1:30 pm ET/7:30 pm CET and look to the sky. It only happens once!"

Screenshot (23)

The in-game message confirms the previous speculation that the current countdown occurring in Fortnite has been pointing to a big event that will happen in real time.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Kicking Butt as the Splatoon Inklings

Nintendo finally revealed the first gameplay from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during its E3 2018 Direct presentation. The reveal included two brand new fighters: Ridley from Metroid and the Inklings from Splatoon. I had an opportunity to go hands-on with the Inklings in Smash Bros. Ultimate to check out just what the squid kids can do and how they hold up against some of the more seasoned fighters on the roster. Simply put, I'm ink-credibly happy with what the squid kids have to offer.

With over six different variants (or costumes) to choose from, there's no doubt that you'll be fighting in style when you play as an Inkling in Smash Bros. Ultimate. That’s not all these Inkopolis natives have to offer, because their standard and special attacks see them switching between numerous weapons from Splatoon 2  including the Splattershot, Splat Roller, Ink Brush, Blaster, and Splasher.

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Who Will Be the Next WWE Star to Break Out in Hollywood?

Over the years, several WWE stars have crossed over into movies with a mixed bag of roles. Who can forget Andre the Giant as Fezzik in The Princess Bride? Who would like to forget Hulk Hogan in No Holds Barred? Could anyone have predicted Kevin Nash would play a stripper in two Magic Mike films? We think not.

There are three actors you can't have this conversation without: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Dave Bautista, and John Cena -- all former WWE Champions who this year alone starred in Rampage, Avengers: Infinity War & Blockers, respectively, at the same time at the multiplex.

Their massive personalities and growing star power in back-to-back Hollywood blockbusters got us here at IGN thinking, who’s next, and who on the current WWE payroll has the potential and charisma to make the successful leap from the wrestling ring to the big screen? Check out our six picks in the slideshow below, or keep reading for the list.

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Shyamalan’s Glass Gets Its First Teaser Poster

Director M. Night Shyamalan has released the first teaser poster for Glass, his upcoming thriller that unites the characters of his previous films Split and Unbreakable.

Shyamalan shared the one sheet on Twitter and it features the film's three main character side-by-side: David Dunn (Bruce Willis), Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson), and Kevin Wendell Crumb/The Beast (James McAvoy). Check out the image below.

Glass teaser poster.

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Forza Horizon 4: IGN’s Real-Life Horizon Road Trip

The Forza Horizon series has been taking us around the globe since 2012. Colorado. Southern Europe. Australia. Now we’re going to Britain.

What do I think of when I think of Britain? Mary Poppins. Michael Caine. Moles?

I dunno; maybe that’s a little unfair. I mean, Australia and Britain aren’t really that different, culturally speaking. Yeah, we love fish and chips too, and we also drive on the left, and we have the same old lady on the back of our money. Sure, there are dissimilarities in the temperature we serve our beer and the amount of venom packed into our spiders, but the differences aren’t really as stark as I think we all like to pretend they are.

Geographically, though? That’s a different story. However, while I’ve been to Britain to visit developers a bunch of times over the past 15 years I still really haven’t seen that much of it in person. The places I’ve experienced are airports, motorways, and the inside of a few pubs. I’ve never really seen the Britain between all that.

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Pillars of Eternity Director Would Rather Have the Constraints of Crowdfunding

For years, Obsidian Entertainment had long been one of the video game industry’s unluckiest studios. Between Sega canceling their role-playing game based on the Aliens franchise, Microsoft canceling the lofty “million-man raids” of Stormlands, or THQ folding shortly after acquiring the publishing rights for South Park: The Stick of Truth, publishers just weren’t looking like a good idea for the struggling team. Instead, Obsidian began to look towards the success of the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter (which later became Broken Age), seeing it as a way for the team to make their pitch directly to fans of the studio’s work. In this month’s IGN Unfiltered, Pillars of Eternity director Josh Sawyer elaborates on how the change in the landscape of game publishing has impacted the studio, and how he prefers both the freedoms and limitations of crowdfunding.

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The 25 Best Disney Animated Movies

For even more Top 25 lists, check out our picks for the 25 Best Adult Cartoon TV Series, the Top 25 Marvel Villains, or the 25 Best Harry Potter Characters!

Whether you're wishing upon a star, partying under the sea, exploring a whole new world, letting it go, or feeling the love tonight, it's an accepted absolute truth that Disney films are pure magic. And that's where our list of the 25 best Disney animated movies comes in.

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Mario Tennis Aces Getting Diddy Kong, Birdo Later This Year

A trio of playable characters are coming to Mario Tennis Aces later this year for free.

Nintendo has announced that Diddy Kong, Birdo and Koopa Paratroopa will pick up their rackets and hit the court this fall in the Northern Hemisphere.

Disney Closes Planes Studio Disneytoon

Disneytoon Studios, the animation team behind the Planes and Fairies franchises, has been shut down.

IndieWire reports Disney closed the Glendale, California-based animation house — the company's third team alongside Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar. Disneytoon apparently employed around 75 people, and it's unknown whether they will be allocated to the other two companies.

"After much consideration, we have made the decision to end production activity and close Disneytoon Studios,” a Disney spokesperson told IndieWire.

The closure means an untitled movie from Disneytoon, scheduled for March 2019, is no longer happening. Disneytoon also created a plethora of direct-to-video releases, including Mulan 2, Tarzan 2 and Bambi 2.

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