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Why Blade Runner Matters

In the summer of 1982, a science fiction film called Blade Runner premiered in theaters… and it was completely destroyed at the box office by E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, which had already been in theaters for two weeks. It was a rough summer for genre films that weren’t about a little boy hiding a cuddly alien from his mom in his closet.

But 35 years later, Blade Runner is still considered one of the best and most influential science-fiction films ever made (and so is E.T., which shoots a lot of holes in any argument that says box office success has any correlation to quality).

Indeed, many of the best movies ever made, the films that inspired future filmmakers and went on to be hailed as timeless classics, were financially unsuccessful and either totally unpopular, or met with a mixed critical reception when they were originally released. Blade Runner joins films like It’s a Wonderful Life, Vertigo, The Big Lebowski and Fight Club on that illustrious list, and watching it again today, it’s easy to see why. And it’s even easier to see why it took so long for Blade Runner to find its audience.

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Cuphead Players Experiencing Save Issues on PC

Update: StudioMDHR has confirmed it's aware of the bug that's causing save issues, and is currently working on a fix.

"It’s true, we are aware of the issue and are working on a patch for it as we speak," a representative from StudioMDHR told Polygon. "We hope to have it pushed out very soon."

Original story follows:

Cuphead was released for both Xbox One and PC last week, and several people who've been playing the game on PC have experienced save issues.

"I put in a couple of hours, make some good progress, then when I reload the game that progress is gone. I don't think this is a cross-play issue, because the issue happened on PC without Xbox in the mix," reddit user jay8ee said, noting it's now happened to them twice.

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Catwoman Responds to Batman’s Marriage Proposal

DC Comics has answered one of the most burning questions in the DC Universe these days, as Catwoman has finally made her decision about Batman's marriage proposal.


Warning: this article contains spoilers for Batman #32!

To recap, Batman #24 ended on a major cliffhanger earlier this year when Batman proposed to his longtime lover/occasional nemesis Catwoman. But rather than answer right away, Selina agreed to wait and listen as Bruce recounted the most terrible secret from his past. That's been the premise of the current storyline "The War of Jokes and Riddles," which has flashed back to Batman's early career and chronicled a devastating conflict between the Joker and the Riddler.

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WWE 2K18: Road to Glory Mode Revealed

2K Games has revealed Road to Glory, a new competitive online mode coming to WWE 2K18.

The new mode pits players against each other in daily matches to obtain stars, with the ultimate goal of earning entry into pay-per-view events. To compete in these events, which will coincide with real-life PPVs, players must either earn the required number of stars or simply "purchase

way" in, according to the official WWE 2K website.

2K also announced MyPLAYER for WWE 2K18, a customizable character creator that can be used in both the Road to Glory and MyCAREER modes. MyPLAYER provides eight fighting classes to choose from, ranging from the speed-focused High Flyer to the power-heavy Giant. "Hundreds of moves and Superstar parts" for characters can be unlocked through progression or by purchasing Loot Cases.

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Best High-End 4K TVs: Ultimate Picture Quality

4K content is finally everywhere. Between streaming services, discs, and games on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, you can finally find lots of gorgeous, high-resolution HDR content. You told yourself you wouldn’t upgrade to a 4K TV until there’s lots of content out there, so now you’re all out of excuses. It’s time to kick that old 1080p budget TV to the curb.

If you’re a typical consumer who wants a really good deal and the best bang for the buck, we suggest you check out our regular 4K TV buying guide—it's full of great sets at great prices. But right now, we don’t care about bang for your buck; you just want the best.

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Sonic Mania Dev Talks Origin of Coolest Easter Eggs

Sonic Mania is packed with gameplay touches and Easter eggs to make it a fitting ode to the blue blur’s 2D origins. But for the Mania development team, those nods were never included just for the sake of it.

“Our approach to references was always 'game first,' including them only when they aligned with Zone gimmicks/decorations/locations that we had already planned,” game director Christian Whitehead said in an email interview with IGN.

Reflecting on the game’s success and fans’ reactions to Sonic Mania since its launch, Whitehead noted how the response to Studiopolis' reveal in 2016 “spurred us on further to have fun with these deep cuts.” These “deep cuts” still had to make sense to the fiction of the world, though. So despite Whitehead jokingly suggesting Axel from Streets of Rage early on, he knew the character’s human look didn’t mesh with the rest of the game.

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Tarantino Would Rather Direct Star Trek Than Star Wars

Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight director Quentin Tarantino is more interested in directing a Star Trek film than one set in the Star Wars universe.

On an episode of the Nerdist podcast (via, Tarantino was asked what kind of story he'd like to tell if he were to direct a Star Wars movie, to which he replied: "The actual answer to the question is that I would be more inclined to direct a Star Trek... rather than Star Wars."

When asked about the kind of Star Trek movie he would want to make, Tarantino said, "I'm definitely a fan of the original series… in particular a fan of William Shatner's. That’s my key into the series—William Shatner." He also spoke highly of The Next Generation and said the time-travel story in "Yesterday's Enterprise" would be a great starting point for a feature film.

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Nioh: Complete Edition Coming to PC

Nioh: Complete Edition will be coming to PC via Steam on November 7, Koei Tecmo announced.

The game is now listed on Steam, however, pricing hasn't been revealed yet. Nioh: Complete Edition includes the base game of Team Ninja's action RPG, along with all three add-ons: Dragon of the North, Defiant Honor, and Bloodshed.

The PC release will also feature two visual presentation modes: the 60 fps frame rate Action Mode, and the more cinematic Movie Mode, which offers a 4K display resolution.

PC players will also be able to use all seven weapon types, onmyo magics, and ninjutsu right from the start, unlike the PS4 version. Finishing the game will unlock features like the Dual Guardian Spirit. A brand-new item, the Dharmachakra Kabuto helmet, will also be included to celebrate Nioh's release on PC.

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Stardew Valley Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

Stardew Valley is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 5.

Sole developer Eric Barone, otherwise known as ConcernedApe, revealed the news in a blog post on the Stardew Valley website.

The game will be priced at $14.99 and after a clarifying tweet from Barone, will only be available on the eShop "for now."

The Switch port has been developed by Sickhead Games who were responsible for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Stardew Valley, as well as a number of other popular indie ports like Darkest Dungeon and Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

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