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New Awesome Cosplay from Day 2 of PAX South

Day 2 of PAX South is upon us, and IGN is committed to bringing you awesome new photos and videos of all the coolest cosplay on the show floor and beyond. Check out this newly updated mega gallery with cosplay from day 2 as well as day 1! With more photos and videos are on the way, be sure to bookmark this page so you don't miss a single incredible costume made by these skilled craftsman. Lastly, if you're at the show and in cosplay, get in touch with me via Twitter and you might get yourself featured on IGN!

Sean Finnegan is a producer for IGN. You can talk to him all about movies and photography on Twitter.

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Evidence Suggests New Splatoon Amiibo Coming

Splatoon currently has three different amiibo on the market, but it appears Nintendo may soon increase that number by two with figures for Callie and Marie.

Twitter user NWPlayer1234 spotted a reference to the game's iconic Squid Sisters in Splatoon's game files. In addition to "AmiiboModelF," "AmiiboModelM" and "AmiiboModelS"—clearly in reference to the Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Squid amiibo—the code also includes "AmiiboIdolA" and "AmiiboIdolB," presumably for Callie and Marie.

Ubisoft Issues an Update on The Division Closed Beta

Ubisoft has issued an update concerning Tom Clancy's The Division’s closed beta.

According to the game's official forums, the closed beta is in high demand and Ubisoft is working on granting access to players who registered for the beta using pre-order codes.

There is also a waitlist Ubisoft is attempting to grant access and players should check back throughout the weekend for updates.

The Division closed beta went live for Xbox One on January 28 and the following day for PlayStation 4 and PC. The beta runs through January 31.

You can explore an interactive map to give you an idea of what The Division’s New York City is like. We’ve also put together some tips for dominating the beta this weekend. If you’re in the beta, let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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The CW Officially Orders Archie-Based Riverdale Pilot

The CW has officially ordered six new pilots, including one for the previously-announced Archie-based Riverdale show.

According to the series' official pitch (via EW), Riverdale takes place in the present-day and offers "a surprising and subversive take" on Archie's iconic cast of characters. The show will explore the "surrealism of small town life," as well as the "darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome façade."

The Riverdale pilot will be executive produced and written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who's previously teased the show as "Archie meets Twin Peaks." Additionally, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and DC's Legends of Tomorrow producers Sarah Schechter and Greg Berlanti are on board as EPs, along with Jon Goldwater of Archie Comics.

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Where is Every Major Venture Bros. Character Now?

It's been well over two years since the fifth season of The Venture Bros. wrapped up, and a year since we last touched base with the Venture family in the "All This and Gargantua-2" special. As excited as Venture fanatics are for the debut of Season 6 Sunday night, at this point it can be hard to remember what's been going on in the show and where we left off.

The Venture Bros. has built up a huge cast of colorful characters over the years, each with their own affiliations and agendas and connections to the Ventures. To help prepare you for the Season 6 premiere, we've put together a brief character guide that breaks down the major players and what their status quo was when last we saw them.

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The 9 Best Anime of 2015

There were many contenders, but the best anime of 2015 pulled at our heartstrings, amazed us with impossible action, and brought forth unforgettable characters. The following nine anime excelled in animation and storytelling and should absolutely be on your watchlist.

To qualify for this year’s list, the anime had to complete its season in 2015. So while Mr. Osomatsu and Haikyuu!! 2 started in 2015, their current season continue into 2016 and are not eligible for this list.

The imaginative world of Blood Blockade Battlefront takes place in New York City, but the city’s role of a melting pot is amplified tenfold when demons, monsters and otherworldly beings are thrown into the mix after a mysterious portal opens. Though most of the population has assimilated well, the secret, superhuman organization Libra works in the shadows to keep peace in the city. This anime adaption takes on the core characteristics from the manga and blends the into a great original story.

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Metal Gear Online Adds Quiet, Gets Three New Maps

Konami announced it will premiere three new maps in Metal Gear Online, as well as add Quiet as a "Unique Character." The DLC is set to release in March 2016.

Players can select Unique Characters as a mission setting before starting a game, allowing one random player from each team to spawn as a special character—like Snake or Ocelot, and soon, Quiet—who have increased abilities and unique weapons.

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CIA Releases X-Files-Like UFO Documents

Scully and Mulder take notice. The CIA is highlighting a few documents from its Freedom of Information Act UFO collection, in efforts to help the public "navigate the vast amount of data."

Photo via CIA website

Initially declassified in 1978, the CIA has "hundreds" of documents detailing unidentified flying objects open to the public. The documents date back primarily from the late 1940s and 1950s, and contain information that "both skeptics and believers will find interesting."

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Grimm: Bitsie Tulloch Talks Building a New Character in Eve

Spoilers for Grimm's Season 5 midseason premiere, "Eve of Destruction," continue below.

Bitsie Tulloch is back, and certainly more badass than ever on Grimm. After being unceremoniously shot by Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) at the end of Season 4, viewers learned that Juliette wasn't actually dead but instead being reconditioned by the kind folks at Hadrian's Wall.

In the Season 5 midseason premiere, we were introduced to Eve, the harder, tougher and wholly less villainous character that Juliette has been turned into. If her heart-to-heart with Nick (David Giuntoli) didn't clue you off, she's not feeling the same sort of love that Juliette once felt for her former beau. So what role does she have to play in the show now?

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All the Awesome Cosplay from PAX South

PAX South is in full swing, and IGN is committed to bringing you photos and videos of all the coolest cosplay on the show floor and beyond. Sean Finnegan will be shooting all three days and updating this very page with new photos and videos, so make sure you bookmark it so you don't miss a single awesome costume.

Sean Finnegan is a producer for IGN. You can talk to him all about movies and photography on Twitter.

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