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Spider-Man: Far From Home – 9 Biggest WTF Questions

Full SPOILERS ahead for Spider-Man: Far From Home! Do you want to avoid spoilers and just find out if there are Far From Home end credits scenes? Then head here.

Spider-Man: Far From Home has swung into theaters, bringing us plenty of answers as to how Peter Parker continues his life after the little blip that is Avengers Endgame. But it also brings several questions with it, too. Some of them might have answers in the comics, while others have us asking ‘WTF, Marvel?’

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Batman Beyond 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel Coming to Comic-Con 2019

Warner Bros. has announced this San Diego Comic-Con will feature a 20th Anniversary Reunion panel for the cast and crew of Batman Beyond.

The panel will include voice actors Kevin Conroy (Bruce Wayne) and Will Friedle (Terry McGinnis), producers Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami, and casting and dialogue director Andrea Romano.

Also on the panel are director James Tucker, and writers Bob Goodman and Stan Berkowitz, and Warner Bros. has teased some announcements for the end of the panel. The award-winning series' panel takes place on Thursday, July 18 from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm in Hall H, for those attending the conference.

In other superhero news, Avengers: Endgame has failed to topple Avatar as the top-grossing movie of all time, even after its second theatrical release, and you can read our review for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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Gremlins Prequel Animated Series Ordered by WarnerMedia

An animated Gremlins prequel, Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai, has officially been ordered to series.

Announced by WarnerMedia, Secrets of the Mogwai will come to Warner's unnamed streaming service. The series order consists of 10 half-hour episodes from Warner Bros. Animation and Amblin Television.

Secrets of the Mogwai was given an official teaser image, which can be seen below.

Credit: WarnerMedia. Credit: Warner Bros. Animation, Amblin Television.

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CD Projekt Red Developing Three Cyberpunk Games

Polish video game studio CD Projekt is working on not one, but three games set in the Cyberpunk RPG universe. That’s according to the company’s CEO who reportedly revealed the studio’s future Cyberpunk plans during a business meeting in Poland.

A report from Polish business website Bankier revealed that CD Projekt president Adam Kiciński and CEO Piotr Nielubowicz issued a statement that the company is working on three Cyberpunk-related projects.

We already know what one of these three projects is, the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. But based on a Google translated version of the report, Nielubowicz said that the next big CD Projekt game will also be set in the “Cyberpunk” universe.

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Why Geralt Doesn’t Have Two Swords in Netflix’s Witcher Photos

Netflix has revealed new photos featuring the cast of the upcoming Witcher series, with costumed first looks at Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), Ciri, and Yennefer. But one thing, in particular, may stand out to eagle-eyed Witcher fans. Geralt’s swords -- or lack thereof.

All the promotional images of Henry Cavill’s Geralt of Rivia released so far feature the Witcher sporting a single, iron sword. Those familiar with The Witcher video game series may be left wondering: “Where’s Geralt’s silver sword?” A silver sword is instrumental in letting a Witcher accomplish the task of killing monsters, so its absence may be alarming.

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Stranger Things: 11 Amazing Times Eleven Used Her Powers

Stranger Things Season 3 will debut on Netflix on July 4th, and so we’re counting down to its launch this week with a new story each day about the beloved series. Today, we delve into the nose-bleeding, super-powered world of El herself! And be sure to also check out our Stranger Things: Season 3 spoiler-free premiere review.

There are plenty of valid reasons to watch Stranger Things - the concentrated '80s nostalgia, the Stephen King-meets-The Goonies vibe, the amazing score, etc. But way up on the list has to be Eleven and her amazing superhuman powers.

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Netflix’s The Witcher Medallions and Symbols Explained

Netflix has unveiled new images of the cast of its Witcher series, showing Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, and Yennefer in full costume. In addition to the cast photos, Netflix also revealed three logos, each attached to one of The Witcher's main characters.

So what are these symbols exactly? In preparation for the eventual release of The Witcher on Netflix, let's dive in and explain why medallions are significant in The Witcher, and what exactly these symbols mean.

Spoiler warning: naturally, there are spoilers for The Witcher books and video games below. Additionally, you can click through this gallery to see the symbols being discussed:

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What Alan Wake’s Acquisition by Remedy Could Mean for Alan Wake 2

Earlier this morning it was revealed that Remedy Entertainment has acquired the publishing rights to Alan Wake, which was, of course, the supernatural detective game it developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 back in 2010. The rights were previously held by Microsoft.

But while it has definitely removed a barrier that would make the creation of an Alan Wake 2 easier, it doesn’t mean a sequel is immediately a safe bet.

Not that the audience demand isn’t there. Although the original Alan Wake was a critical success - it has an extremely respectable 83 on Metacritic - it struggled enough commercially that a sequel wasn’t immediately greenlit by Microsoft (it received a spin-off in 2012’s An American Nightmare, but not a full-blown Alan Wake 2). Throughout the years, however, it developed something of a cult status, with callouts from fans for a sequel gradually boiling to a fever pitch.

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Twitch and Rockstar Team Up for GTA, Red Dead Online Rewards

If you're a Twitch Prime member, you can now link your Rockstar Games Social Club account to your Twitch Prime account.

The resulting fusion of online memberships opens you up to a solid selection of in-game rewards for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online.

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The 25 Best Summer Blockbusters of All Time

As the heat cranks up outside, families and friends often seek shelter within the cool cradling embrace of the local multiplex, hoping to kill a few hours with not-necessarily-mindless spectacle. Yes, the "summer blockbuster" has been our great pop-culture unifier for decades, with its large-scale production, impressive special effects, ready-to-collect merchandise, and big Hollywood names.

Still, it's always a gamble when studios scramble to shove as many pricey, flashy franchise installments as possible into a three-month window. Shrinking down into the Quantum Realm here, and sifting through the past four decades of over-the-top popcorn-y pleasers, we've come up with the 25 best and brightest summer blockbusters of all time. From evil aliens to friendly aliens to different takes on Batman and Joker, here are cinema's most captivating crowd-pleasers!

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