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7 Times Zombies Invaded Our Favorite Superhero Comics

Injustice: Gods Among Us writer Tom Taylor is returning to the DC Universe for another dark superhero epic called DCeased. In this story, Darkseid sparks a global pandemic that infects hundreds of millions of humans with a devastating techno-organic virus. In others words, zombies are invading the DCU.

This isn't the first major comic book project to pair superheroes and zombies. From Marvel Zombies to Blackest Night, here are seven stories that showed us how great these two things work together. Check out our sldieshow or scroll down to learn more.

Marvel Zombies

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Anthem Loot Patch Now Live

Update: BioWare has confirmed the hotfix for Anthem loot has been pushed live.

While it has not yet implemented the issue to prevent uncommon and common drops at level 30 — which is intended to come later, the hotfix does address the following issues, per this Reddit post:

  • Items will no longer have inscriptions on them that are not appropriate for that specific item. NOTE: This only applies to items obtained after the patch. Items obtained prior to the hotfix will still have the same inscriptions they had before.
  • Masterwork crafting costs have been reduced from 25 -> 15 Masterwork Embers. The amount of plants, metal and parts required for crafting a Masterwork item have also been reduced.
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Halo Infinite Will Be a ‘Spiritual Reboot’ For the Franchise

Halo Infinite will be a "spiritual reboot" for the Halo franchise, according to 343 Industries. In this month's episode of IGN Unfiltered, Ryan McCaffrey sat down with Bonnie Ross, head of 343 Industries, and discussed the development of Halo Infinite, among many other topics (watch the full interview below).

While Halo Infinite is, effectively, Halo 6, the team at 343 Industries is bringing their experience with the entire Halo franchise to bear in developing the new game, which aims to recapture what makes Halo such an iconic franchise. "We're kind of calling it a 'spiritual reboot,'" Ross said, "That's kind of how we talk about it."

According to Ross, 343 had "great learning moments" with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the multiplayer suite in Halo 4, and the approach to REQ packs and free maps in Halo 5 multiplayer, and the studio has been keeping those moments in mind while crafting Halo Infinite.

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Alien: Isolation: Watch the Full Digital Series Now on IGN

The story of Amanda Ripley is being expanded in a major way -- and being brought to a new audience -- thanks to a brand new Alien: Isolation digital series, which is being distributed exclusively by IGN.

Intended to allow fans of the 2014 game to revisit their favorite moments from this installment in the Alien lore and also allow those who never experienced the game to go on Amanda's horrifying adventure, this first-of-its-kind digital series can be binged in its entirety in the seven episodes below. Watch the full series below by clicking on each episode, and make sure to let us know what you thought in the comments!

For even more on this Alien: Isolation series, we also spoke with the with the production teams -- and huge Alien fans -- behind the endeavor explaining how they expanded on the 2014 game.

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Here’s How the Alien: Isolation Digital Series Got Started

In 2014, developer Creative Assembly released Alien: Isolation, a survival-horror game set 15 years after Ellen Ripley destroyed the Nostromo in the 1979 film. Five years after its debut, the game's story about Amanda Ripley is being expanded with a new digital series using a combination of new animations and original cinematic cutscenes from the game.

The game -- and now the series -- centers on Ellen's daughter, Amanda, who is searching for what really happened to her mother. When the Nostromo's flight recorder is discovered by a deep-space salvage team, Amanda journeys to Sevastopol Station, which leads her on a terrifying adventure filled with deadly aliens and murderous androids. You can binge all 7-episodes exclusively on IGN right here. For a glimpse at what's in store, watch the first episode below:

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Ghost Giant Wants to Blend Slapstick and Sadness

I wouldn’t say it’s the best piece of VR content I’ve played, but certainly my most fondly remembered is a scene during PlayStation Worlds’ 'The London Heist' where you're forced to sit down in a pub while an East End mob boss just talks at you for ages. I love it because, while he drones on about someone called French Tony, the game just stops paying attention to what you’re doing. You’re at this table with a lighter, a cigar, a phone and more, and no one tells you can’t just throw them at this guy. So you do. I’ve spent more time than I’d care to admit laughing as I bounce that phone off his forehead, or pretend to set fire to his groin. It’s a pure, inconsequential act of messing about. I love it.

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Akira Box Set Is On Sale for Less Than $100, But There’s a Catch

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If you're the type of person who enjoys a gorgeous collector's edition, this deal's for you. The 35th anniversary hardcover box set of the complete Akira manga is currently on sale for just $99. The price hasn't dropped this low since 2017, which makes now a fantastic time to add it to your collection. There's just one catch: it's back-ordered and will ship in one to three months.

But a sale is a sale, and if you don't mind the wait, this is a great time to buy. Amazon doesn't charge you until it ships anyway, and you can cancel the order any time if you change your mind.

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Here’s What Arya Stark is Doing After Game of Thrones

Digital streaming network Rooster Teeth's ambitious new animated sci-fi series titled gen:LOCK, features an impressive roster of voice actors like Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones), and David Tennant (Doctor Who). Set 50 years in the future, the series centers on a courageous team capable of controlling powerful mecha in a fight against an oppressive authoritarian force.

Williams portrays Cammie MacCloud, a new recruit who attempts gen:LOCK, which allows her mind to be uploaded into one of the giant mech suits. The Game of Thrones actress spoke with IGN about what initially attracted her to the project. "I thought Cammie was so interesting," Williams explained, adding "and I thought that I could have a lot of fun playing her. I felt like I could bring her to life, and do her justice. So I was flattered that they wanted me to be a part of it."

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Passes 10 Million Copies Sold

Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is celebrating its second anniversary today, has officially sold “well over" 10 million copies worldwide.

Via the PlayStation Blog, Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst revealed the number, saying “The idea that we were able to bring Aloy’s journey to so many players is astounding. We’ve been deeply moved by the enormous amount of fan creations you’ve posted online, as well as the heartfelt letters you’ve sent sharing your favorite moments from Aloy’s journey."

Along with announcing this sales milestone, Hulst took the opportunity to reveal little-known details about the development of the game. He revealed that prototyping gameplay elements began as far back as 2010, when most of the studio was still finishing Killzone 3. Because they didn’t yet have an in-game model for Aloy, they used the model for Jammer, an intruder pilot from Killzone 3, in early testing phases of the game.

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Hearthstone: Baku and Genn Are Being Sent to Wild a Year Early and I Couldn’t Be Happier

If you’re sick of playing against Odd Paladin, Even Paladin, Odd Rogue, Aggro Odd Mage, Odd Warrior or any of the other Odd/Even variants in Hearthstone right now, then do I have good news for you. The cards that create those archetypes – Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane – are being sent to Wild (via the Hall of Fame) a FULL YEAR EARLY.

Yes, the next Standard rotation won’t just see three sets leave the format (Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds & Catacombs), it will also see two of the most contentious cards from The Witchwood - the first Hearthstone expansion of 2018 – leave.

It's been a wild ride, and now it's going to be a Wild ride. It's been a wild ride, and now it's going to be a Wild ride.

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