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Pokemon Go Adds Legendary Pokemon Latios and Latias

Legendary Pokemon Latias and Latios will be available in Pokemon Go starting today.

From today until May 8, Latias will begin to appear in Raid Battles in Europe and Asia, and Latios will be available in North America, South America, and Africa. After May 8, the Pokemon will switch locations and will be available in their new regions until June 5, when both will disappear from the game.


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Jesus Christ Superstar Featured an Awesome Black Panther Homage

On Easter Sunday, NBC mounted an ambitious live version of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar, starring musicians John Legend and Sara Bareilles, along with a host of familiar faces you may recognize from stage and screen.

One of the biggest crowd-pleasing moments came courtesy of a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer in the second hour, but genre fans may have also recognized a Rogue One star and a Broadway legend among the cast. Click through the gallery below to see who's who and where you might've seen them before.

The consensus on Twitter dubbed the show a storming success (not counting the ad breaks), with stars from Sarah Paulson to Zach Braff sharing their reactions during the telecast.

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Legion Is Hunting for the Shadow King in Season 2

Warning! Full SPOILERS follow for Legion Season 1. Check out our full review here.  

FX's Legion was one of the strangest and best superhero shows released last year, introducing the world to one of Marvel's more fringe characters, David Haller (Dan Stevens), a powerful schizophrenic mutant with immense psychic abilities who is tormented by an ancient parasitic mutant known as The Shadow King, aka Farouk. (Head here for the full lowdown on who the Shadow King is in the comics.)

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Ready Player One Is Spielberg’s Best Opening Weekend Since Indy 4

Ready Player One surpassed expectations at the domestic box office this weekend, opening in first place with an estimated $41.2 million.

Including its opening Thursday night sales, the film has made a total of $53.2 million domestically, which is the biggest opening for a Steven Spielberg-directed movie since the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which debuted in 2008 to $100.1 million.

Read IGN's Ready Player One review for our thoughts on why Spielberg's adaptation "is far more than just a reference-fest."

Without accounting for advertising costs, Ready Player One had a production budget of $175 million, so the movie will have to continue to perform well in the weeks ahead to be considered a success.

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FLCL: Alternative Debuted on Toonami for April Fool’s Day

Adult Swim surprised Toonami viewers tonight by debuting the first episode of FLCL: Alternative.

Adult Swim on-air senior vice president and creative director Jason DeMarco confirmed on Twitter it "was the first episode of FLCL: Alternative, NOT Progressive." The episode aired on April 1 at midnight ET, taking the timeslot typically reserved for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

It's worth noting FLCL: Alternative is actually the third season of the show, which isn't scheduled to officially premiere until September. Meanwhile, the second season, titled FLCL: Progressive, will make its debut on Toonami on June 2 at 11:30pm ET/PT.

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Ready Player One Doesn’t Have a Post-Credits Scene, But Should It Have?

Ready Player One does not have a post-credits scene, despite the fact that it very well could have.

Ernest Cline, the author of Ready Player One, confirmed late last year that he's working on a sequel to his 2011 sci-fi novel. Given that he co-wrote the screenplay for the Steven Spielberg-directed film adaptation, he presumably could have worked in a little scene after the credits to hint at what the future might hold.

The author revealed he's working on a sequel to his Ready Player One book during a live interview (via ScreenRant) in December promoting a trailer premiere for the movie. "It's true," he said. "I can't talk about it too much, but there's no better inspiration for a writer

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