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Bumblebee: First Photo from the Transformers Prequel

Paramount Pictures has released the first photo for the Transformers prequel Bumblebee.

The shot shows actress Hailee Steinfeld standing next to an older, yellow VW bug version of Bumblebee. The Autobot is pretty darn dusty and dirty, and that makes sense considering he's hanging out in a Californian junkyard, according to the movie's synopsis. Check out the photo below:

Bumblebee Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood © 2018 Paramount Pictures.

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Explaining Slenderman, Adam Warlock and More

Here at IGN, one of our favorite features these days is Explained, where we take a deep dive into the history and background of various pop culture characters who are in the headlines. Over the past couple years, we've published quite a few Explained pieces, covering up-and-coming superhero movies and TV shows, horror icons, and more. From Deathstroke to Planet Hulk to Justice League Dark to Pennywise to Slenderman and beyond, we've had you covered.

At this point, we figure it's past time to unite all those pieces in one place. So check out the slideshow below for a roundup of every Explained feature we've published to date, including links to each one...

And for more deep dives into your favorite pop culture heroes, take a look at our latest Every Ever video, Every Justice League Member Ever:

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Opinion: The X-Men Need Jean Grey Back

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #1!

No major superhero character stays dead forever, but Jean Grey sure knows how to cling to the afterlife longer than most. 14 years after being killed by Fake Magneto (long story) in New X-Men #150, Jean is finally making her return in the miniseries Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey. That book is set to pave the way for a new ongoing series called X-Men Red in February, with Jean leading a brand new team. Clearly, Jean's return is a big deal for the X-Men franchise, as well it should be. She couldn't be coming back to life at a better time. After a year where Marvel has tried and failed to reinvigorate the struggling X-Men comics, Jean Grey's return may be just the thing to finally put the franchise back on track.

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IGN UK Podcast #413: Best of 2017 Awards

Look, we're not going to cover the regular stuff - we've got a place for that already - but in this episode you'll find out some of the more niche pursuits the UK office has been enjoying this year.

Join Joe, Rory and Simon as we cover everything from our favourite Netflix Originals and the Games That Made Us Want to Punch One Another, to the greatest meal deal snack and our coveted Beer of the Year title.

IGN UK Podcast #415: Best of 2017 Awards

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Nintendo Loses Appeal Against Motion Control Patent Case

Nintendo has lost one of its appeals in regards to a motion-sensing accelerometer patent held by iLife.

RollingStone reports that the U.S Court of Appeals upheld the decision made by a Texas jury back in August, to award iLife $10 million in damages stating Nintendo infringed on a patent belonging to iLife Technologies with its Wii and Wii U systems.

This began nearly 4 years ago when iLife filed a $144 million infringement case against Nintendo for what it believes was an infringement against its patent regarding motion-sensing technology, which is used to monitor infants and the elderly.

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How to Never Spoil Your Friends on Twitter Again

ROT13, a decades-old letter substitution cipher, is changing the way people discuss spoilers on social media.

The cipher, which simply shifts each letter 13 places in the alphabet, turns spoilers into gibberish, allowing people to openly discuss plot points from movies, TV series, video games, and more.

For example, Twitter user Nathan Edwards posted a Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoiler using ROT13. Those who've already seen the movie and want to decipher the message can simply copy and paste it into the ROT13 website.

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Nintendo Switch Sets New Sales Milestones

The Nintendo Switch has now become the fastest selling home console ever to hit the Japanese market. With over 269,000 units sold this week alone, the Switch has officially surpassed the country's most recent fasts selling consoles first-year sales, the PlayStation 2.

With the release of last week’s Media Creates data, it was predicted that the Switch would outpace the PlayStation 2 in first-year sales. Now, thanks to this week's new data we have now have confirmation.

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Ice Age-Era Fossils Discovered in LA Subway

For those not from the Los Angeles area, it's quite a surprise to learn the city famous for its traffic jams has a subway system. But what's even more surprising is the frequency in which Ice Age fossils are discovered by teams working to expand LA's underground mass transit system.

According to the Associated Press, fossil remains have routinely been discovered since the subway expansion began in 2014. Among the discoveries have been a "rabbit jaw, mastodon tooth, camel foreleg, bison vertebrae," as well as a "tooth and ankle bone" from an ancient North American horse.

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Destiny 2: Gods of Mars DLC Details Outed by PSN

Thanks to a PSN leak new information on Destiny 2’s next expansion, titled Gods of Mars, has surfaced.

The US and Japanese PSN stores uploaded a full description about the game’s second expansion, which seems to be coming out in March, ahead of time. Even though the listings have since been deleted, Reddit user GodsofMarsLeak grabbed a few screenshots (which you can view below) before the posts were removed.

Leaked PSN listing for Gods of Mars. Image courtesy of GodsofMarsLeak.

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