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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Monthly Update Adds Xbox Controller Support, FPS-Only Servers

The latest monthly update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is out and sports a list of new features and tweaks.

Among the August update for the most played non-Valve title on Steam will see players have the opportunity to utilize Xbox controllers and adds dedicated first-person servers.

The support for Xbox controllers note in the patch list also mentions that there will be continued efforts to make improvements for the peripheral so players who choose to use this feature should expect some level of continued support.

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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Expansion Revealed

The second expansion for the popular MMORPG Guild Wars 2 has been revealed.

ArenaNet has announced that Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will be released on September 22 this year and feature a new story, as well as areas and further character customization.

Path of Fire comes nearly a year after the first Guild Wars 2 Expansion Heart of Thorns and will grant players five new open-world zones. These include the chance to revisit the Crystal Desert from the first Guild Wars, and the northern region of Elona from Guild Wars: Nightfall 250 years later.

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Overcooked Dev Working on Fix for Switch Issues

Developer Ghost Town Games is aware of technical issues players have faced on the Nintendo Switch version of Overcooked and are working to resolve those issues.

"We're currently working on an update to improve the frame rate issues folks have been seeing and hoping to roll out any changes as soon as we're able to," the studio confirmed to IGN.

Players have reported running into frame rate and rumble issues in Overcooked: Special Edition, which launched on the Switch several days ago.

IGN encountered these same problems in our review of the Switch port, as we said "it has some framerate and rumble issues that keep it from matching the best versions available."

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Will GoT’s Catspaw Dagger Resolve a Big Unanswered Question?

Few things on Game of Thrones happen without a purpose, which is why many eagle-eyed viewers have noticed a certain Valyrian steel dagger has been referenced over (and over, and over) this season.

In light of the events of "The Queen's Justice" and with the dagger appearing yet again in the promo for next week's "The Spoils of War," we decided to take a deeper dive on why the catspaw dagger is absolutely very, very important. Spoilers lie ahead.

First, a brief refresher on what the catspaw dagger is. Back in Season 1's episode "The Kingsroad," a mysterious assassin tried to kill Bran Stark while he was in a coma.

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Furious Director Gives Bourne Legacy 2 Status Update

It's been nearly four years since the news that Fast & Furious director Justin Lin was attached to helm a sequel to 2012's The Bourne Legacy, Universal's franchise spin-off starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross. And judging from what Lin had to tell IGN's Terri Schwartz today, that's about as far as his involvement with the proposed film went.

IGN asked Lin about the status of The Bourne Legacy 2 at the Television Critics Association summer press tour today, where he was there to promote S.W.A.T., the new CBS series he's exec producing. "I talk to Jeremy all the time and, technically, it's still in-development but look ...," Lin replied, citing the actor -- who currently plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- as the reason why he was interested in a Bourne film to begin with.

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Hot Wheels: Justin Lin Offers Update on Movie Adaptation

Though word on the film has been relatively quiet since Justin Lin was reported to be directing the Hot Wheels film, the director offered an update about his specific approach to the adaptation of the beloved toys.

Speaking to IGN at the Television Critics Association press tour about the new CBS show S.W.A.T. he is executive producing, Lin said he's hoping to capture the spirit of imagination that is inherent in playing with the physical Hot Wheels toys.

stb-02266rlcjpg Justin Lin on the set of Star Trek Beyond.

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CBS Boss Talks Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park Hawaii Five-0 Exits

CBS featured a controversial shake up earlier this summer when both Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim exited the long-running procedural Hawaii Five-0 over a contract dispute. The actors and showrunners have previously commented on the departures, and CBS President Kelly Kahl spoke out about the nature of the exits during the network's Television Critics' Association press tour day.

When asked for more clarity on Park and Kim's Season 8 exits and the reports that it was due to their being offered lower salaries than their white co-stars, Kahl wouldn't get into specifics about the deal or the negotiations. "We never like to lose characters the audience loves off long-running shows. It's the nature of the business. We made very lucrative offers to those actors," Kahl said.

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Latest Switch Update Remedies Console’s Battery Bug

With the release of Nintendo Switch's 3.0.0 update, a new bug was introduced causing some users to experience issues with the system's battery indicator, which Nintendo has now addressed.

The bug caused the battery indicator to display as though the console was out of charge, even if it had plenty of charge left, or simply not update during the charging process. Luckily Nintendo has acted quickly and pushed out update 3.0.1 to fix the problem.

However the update may not be the quick fix the afflicted might been wanting. According to Nintendo's support page, you may have to follow a strict set of instructions to completely rid yourself of the bug, which includes switching off specific settings and letting the battery fully charge and fully deplete several times. Its a complicated set of steps that might make your Switch unplayable for most of the day. You can see read the complete instructions over on Nintendo's support site.

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17 Movies That Mixed Live-Action and 2D Animation

Hollywood has a storied history of combining live-action elements with animation dating back to, well... to before Hollywood even existed, really. The past decade hasn't seen many movies combine live-action and traditional, two-dimensional (or "hand drawn") animation as CG animation has come to dominate, but classics like Mary Poppins, the original Pete's Dragon, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit stand out as exemplars of a genre that's ripe for revival.

So let's take a look at some of our favorites from this hybrid genre. Here are 17 movies that combined 2D animation and live-action...

Can you think of any live-action/2D-animated movies we missed? Animate those comments!

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