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PS Move Twin Pack Coming Alongside PlayStation VR

Sony will begin selling a pack of two PlayStation Move controllers to be used with PlayStation VR from October 13.

Currently listed on EB Games (as spotted by GamesRadar+), the pack includes two motion controllers, two USB cables and two straps. It's likely that this will be a new version of the Move controller, featuring the same micro USB charging port used on the DualShock 4.

EB Games' image of the PS Move Twin Pack. EB Games' image of the PS Move Twin Pack.

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EA Servers Down for 10 Hours on Battlefield 1 Beta’s First Day

On the first full day of the Battlefield 1 open beta, EA's servers appeared to be down for 10 hours or more.

A hacking group has taken responsibility for a DDOS attack that seemed to bring down the entirety of EA's Origin service.

EA Support first acknowledged problems at 7:30pm BST yesterday, and announced that they had been resolved at 4:30am BST - however, IGN could not access the Battlefield 1 beta servers from 1pm, seeming to point to at least 15 hours of downtime.

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3 Great Horror Movies Heading your Way

FrightFest scared up a storm in London over the weekend, with the UK’s premier horror movie festival screening five days' worth of freaky film at their new Vue venue in Shepherd’s Bush.

I went along for the ride on behalf of IGN - what follows are the three best flicks I managed to catch, along with a brief mention of a film that I really didn’t like, but you’ll probably want to hear about…

Release Date - US: December 2016, UK: February 2017

This was perhaps the festival’s biggest surprise, largely because the set-up isn’t particularly appealing. Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings) plays Seth, a loner who works at an animal sanctuary and starts obsessing over a girl he went to school with. He tries to flirt, with little success, then goes down the stalker route, with predictably horrible results. Finally, Seth kidnaps his beloved and locks her in a cage. And that’s all I’m going to say about this one, as the twists and turns that follow make the film’s second half as unexpected as its first half is predictable. Monaghan is terrific as the obsessed loser in love, while Ksenia Solo gives as good as she gets as the object of his affections.

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Mr. Robot’s New Twist is its Most Fight Club Moment Yet

Warning: Spoilers for the Mr. Robot episode "eps2.7_init_5.fve" and also, I suppose, David Fincher's Fight Club.

USA's Mr. Robot has never exactly been shy about aping its influences. And, to that effect, we never faulted the series for lovingly invoking the works of Kubrick, Scorsese, Fincher, Aronofsky, and more and texturizing it all with an electronic '80s vibe.

Fight Club however, the 1999 Fincher film based on the Chuck Palahniuk novel, was all over the place in Season 1, largely influencing the huge reveal that Christian Slater's Mr. Robot character was a figment of Elliot Alderson's imagination - one that he sometimes spoke to and one that sometimes took over his consciousness and acted on his behalf just like Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden persona in the movie.

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Get Your Forza Horizon 3 Questions Answered

There are only a few more weeks until Forza Horizon 3 launches, unleashing revheads around the globe on the land down under in more than 350 of the world's coolest cars.

There's plenty we already know about Forza Horizon 3 but the IGN team will be catching up with an experienced member of the Playground Games team early next week so, if there are any questions you want us to ask on your behalf, let us know below.

Got a burning, last-minute query about the game itself? Want more insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes at Playground Games? Upset the Forza team still hasn't swung by to laser scan your trusty old 1983 Daihatsu Charade yet?

Submit your questions in the comments and we'll pick a broad selection of them to ask next week. Thanks all!

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