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Serial’s Adnan Syed Granted a New Trial

Adnan Syed - subject of the first season of podcast phenomenon, Serial - has been granted a new trial.

The news was announced by Syed's lawyer, Justin Brown in an enthusiastic tweet yesterday:

Syed has so far spent 16 years in prison after being convicted of the murder of Hae Min Lee in 2000. He has maintained his innocence throughout that time. The new trial was granted after a Baltimore judge decided Syed's original lawyer should have cross-examined an expert witness about cell phone towers near the victim's burial site

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PlayStation 3 Was a ‘Nightmare’ Says Gran Turismo Creator

Polyphony Digital CEO and Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has conceded the PlayStation 3-era was a “nightmare” for the Polyphony team. Yamauchi has also noted the conditions for Gran Turismo 6 – which was released after the arrival of the PS4 and sold considerably fewer copies than Gran Turismo 5 – were particularly tricky.

“We always have the pressure that we have to sell numbers,” Yamauchi told IGN when asked whether the dip in sales from GT5 to GT6 adds extra pressure or scrutiny to the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport.

“At the same time, the conditions for GT6 were really against us, mainly because the PlayStation 3 hardware was a very difficult piece of hardware to develop for, and it caused our development team a lot of stress.

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Netflix’s Next Big Series Looks Seriously Strange

Netflix has released a new trailer for Stranger Things, the upcoming sci-fi series that is not only set in the 1980s, but evokes the sci-fi and horror films of that era.

As the trailer shows, the series tells the story of what happens when a little boy vanishes without a trace in a small town - just as a young girl with some notably superhuman abilities shows up. While the boy's friends and mother (Winona Ryder) desperately try and find him, some very unusual, dangerous and, yes, strange things begin to occur.

Netflix has also released a new poster for the series, which you can check out in our Stranger Things gallery below.

For more on Stranger Things, check out our video focused on "Eleven," the mysterious and very powerful girl you see unleashed in the trailer.

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