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Here’s the Ghostbusters Reboot Proton Pack

When busting ghosts, a lady must always carry a Proton Pack.

Especially one of the new ones Ghostbusters director Paul Feig revealed via Twitter today with the hashtag #whatyougonnashoot.

This is one of several teases and reveals from the set of the all-female Ghostbusters film currently in production. Several photos of the four starring women in costume were recently leaked from the set, suggesting some of the traits of their characters. Feig also tweeted a shot of the new Ghosbusters uniforms yesterday.

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Suicide Squad Director Hires Therapist to be On Set

It's no secret that DC villains are notoriously twisted and plagued with a severe range of mental issues due to one factor or another. And, because they'll be the embodiment of various characters in this superhero rogues gallery, Suicide Squad director David Ayer has hired an on-site therapist to help keep his actors grounded.

"We kind of have like a therapist on board if you fall off the wagon and really are villainous," Slipknot actor Adam Beach told E Online. "There's a friend of

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Dungeon-Crawling MMORPG Devilian Coming to North America, Europe

Devillian is an action role-playing game from the makers of RIFT, Defiance and ArcheAge coming to North America and Europe later this year.

In development with Trion Worlds and Bluehole Ginno Games, the massively multiplayer online game puts players in the role of half-devil heroes who are battling to save their world from a fallen god.

Players can choose to play as a sword-wielding Berserker, a spellcasting Evoker, a keen-eyed heavy artillery packed Cannoneer, or an agile bladed chains Shadowhunter. Fans can also unlock a unique Devil Form for each class.

Devillian also offers 20 v 20 player-versus-player battles, crafting, quests and guilds. Those interested in participating in the beta can register their interest via the free-to-play game’s official website.

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What Is 4K, Anyway?

At this year's CES, you couldn't go anywhere without running into 4K displays. LG, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony all featured 4K TVs as part of their press conferences; other companies like TCL and Haier had them spread so thickly over their booths, it almost appeared at first glance that 4K TVs were their only product at the show. PC monitor manufacturers also were on the bandwagon—at every appointment I had with monitor vendors, there was at least one if not several 4K monitors in each company's 2015 lineup.

Since then, mentions of 4K have been popping up everywhere, be it Vizio’s further lowering of 4K TV prices, support for it in games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Witcher 3, or cell phones that don’t really need the extra pixel density. So you might be asking: Do I need 4K? And, more importantly, what the heck is it, exactly?

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Check Out This Mad Love Harley Quinn Statue

Harley Quinn collectibles are a booming business these days, and Diamond Select Toys is jumping into the ring with their own Harley statue. We have the exclusive reveal of DST's Mad Love Harley statue, based on the villainess as she appeared in the New Batman Adventures episode "Mad Love." It's the latest in a growing line of Batman: The Animated Series-themed merchandise from DST.


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Release Date Revealed for New King’s Quest

Sierra has revealed that the first chapter of King's Quest: A Knight to Remember will be available in North America on July 28 for PS4, PS3, and PC. On Xbox One and Xbox 360, it will be available on July 29.

This first chapter will cost $10. In addition, King's Quest: The Complete Collection is a bundle of all five chapters, and is now available for pre-order on PSN and Steam for $40. Xbox One pre-orders will begin on July 7.

The upcoming King's Quest follows the story of an aging King Graham reflecting on his life of adventures.

IGN has a preview of the King's Quest reboot for you, which says that it will "rekindle your love of adventure games." King's Quest will also be featured in the upcoming Xbox Summer Spotlight.

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Vin Diesel’s Kojak Will be “Kicking All Kinds of Ass”

Philip Gawthorne is an up-and-coming writer who has just landed two massive gigs – crafting the screenplay for Vin Diesel’s big-screen reboot of Kojak and writing the remake of cult sci-fi flick Cube. He tells us how the former will remain true to the roots of the TV show, and how the latter will be both scary and “Kubrickian.”

Telly Savalas in the original Kojak. Telly Savalas in the original Kojak.

IGN: How did you get the Kojak gig?

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This Classic Wolverine Statue Is Amazing

In the lead-up to Comic-Con International: San Diego, Sideshow Collectibles is revealing a number of new superhero-themed statues and collectibles. While most are still a ways off from release, all are expected to be on display at SDCC next week. Scroll down to see what's coming from Sideshow next year, and keep checking back as we update this list with new announcements and teasers.

Hot on the heels of their Superman: Red Son statue announcement, Sideshow has revealed a Red Son-themed Wonder Woman piece. Like Superman, this WW statue is a modified version of the recent Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure, which easily ranks among Sideshow's most impressive sculpts.

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GTA Online Getting Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update Next Week

Rockstar has announced the second part of GTA Online's Ill-Gotten Gains update will be released on all platforms on July 8.

Following on from the first part, this update adds new clothes, vehicles and more along with the previously PC-exclusive 'The Lab' radio station. More details will be coming next week, though Rockstar also confirmed a second Ill-Gotten Gains Social Club Event Weekend will kick off on Friday July 10.

For a taste of things to come, check out some of the new items on the way in the gallery below.

Additionally, The Independence Day Special is set to return soon, with old favourites like the Firework Rocket Launcher available at reduced rates. In our review of GTA Online, we said that it offers players "an experience like nothing else out there right now."

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Sony: PS4 Market Share Often Over 90% in Continental Europe

Sony has announced incredibly strong PlayStation 4 sales in Europe mean the console is enjoying a massive market share when compared with its rivals.

Speaking to VG247 at this year's E3 conference, Sony Europe president Jim Ryan explained the PS4 has at least 70 percent of the market share in all European countries, with it peaking at 90 percent in certain countries.

"We have a very significant market leadership," he said. "Well, we have market leadership in every country in Europe, and have very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant. I don't think market share's any less than 70 per cent, and frequently greater than 90 per cent in continental Europe."

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