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Augmented Reality Game Night Terrors Maps Your Home

If you’ve ever wanted to use your home as the setting of a survival horror game, then Night Terrors might be the game for you.

Night Terrors is a survival horror game that will use a system designed to map your house through your mobile device—utilizing its flashlight, camera, screen, and headphones—to place you in a haunted environment, with real-time generated photorealistic elements and enemies.

Geek reports that developer Novum Analytics’ is seeking funding through an Indiegogo campaign for what they hope is the “scariest” augmented reality mobile game ever made.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Unfinished Episodes Now Online

You can't keep a good trooper down! If you weren't able to catch the Star Wars Celebration panel debuting never-before-seen story reels of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you're in luck -- has released all four unfinished "Bad Batch" episodes online!

As IGN's own Eric Goldman described the arc, we "meet the Bad Batch of the title, a foursome -- Hunter, Tech, Crosshair and Wrecker -- of Clones who came out somehow malformed (like the Clone '99' we met once before), but were then mutated further into a squad of super soldier types, sent on especially dangerous missions."

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50 Shades Sequel: Watch the New Teaser Trailer

Who was that masked man? Why, it's none other than billionaire BDSM enthusiast Christian Grey.

The first teaser trailer for Fifty Shades Darker -- the first of two planned sequels to the blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey -- has made its way online.

This new video, pointed out to us by Latino-Review, shows Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) dressing for a black-tie event ... complete with a mask:

Universal Pictures boss Donna Langley tells THR that Fifty Shades Darker will be "more of a thriller."

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Get Your Own Suicide Squad Deadshot Mask

A mask that looks extremely similar to Deadshot's mask from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie can be yours, right now, for less than $60 USD online.

Photos from the set of the upcoming Suicide Squad film showed up today online and among them were shots of Will Smith as Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. Among the photos was a single snap of Deadshot's costume for the movie. That cool mask can be bought online, except it has no official link to the movie whatsoever.

In fact, the mask is actually really, really similar to a full-face protective 

. It's so similar as to actually look less like a strange coincidence and more like the actual paintball mask in the link.

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